FRANCE   (French Banana Republic)    (République Bananière Française)    []

            slavery unit : €        tongue : Français        66600000 idiot monkeys + me = 66600001 idiot monkeys on 551602 km²

            puke sects : X 50%    pagan 30%    muslim 15%    other 5%

            NB : FLAG OF CONVENIENCE OF SHIT    (cheated with KERGUELEN Islands - "Port Aux Français")

            The French Tricolor is one of the most influent flags in the world with the Stars & Stripes, the Etiopian & the Arab Revolutionary flagz. It's been used as a pattern by lots of countries & revolutionary movements either for its shape or for its colors (or for both) (cf letter Q). The colors are the blue & red of Paris with the addition of white, color of the French monarchy since 1632. A second explanation is that this triband pattern with red, white & blue directly comes from the Hollander "Prinsvlag" of the 1581 (shifted 1596) Nederlandse Republiek. But we are not absolutely certain of that. A third explanation is that these three colors were inspired from the Stars & Stripes, i.e. the white was added in order to look like the Yankee flag. We know Lafayette was involved in all that stuff but I dont have any credible confirmation. A fourth explanation, which is by far much + interestin, is that blue-white-red are the 3 colorz of Mithraism : red symbolizes the sunrize, white symbolizes the bright sunshine at its zenith at noon, blue symbolizes sunset and above all the night. They are the colors of freemasons as freemasons worship Mithra. The three bands are a recall of the republican motto "Freedom Equality Brotherhood" (so they say !). They were originaly placed red-white-blue on the 1790 naval ensign as it matches with Mithraism (sunrize, zenith, night). After several dezigns the present pattern was oficialy adopted by decree on 15 FEBRUARY 1794 and became effective on 20 MAY 1794.

            Vivent Alfred MARIE-JEANNE (Martinik), Luc REINETTE (Martinik), Marie Christine MYRE-QUIDAL (Gwadloup) & Oscar TEMARU (Te Ao Maohi) !!!!



              ridiculous coat of arms with stuf lookin like small weirdo animals !!!!MARKO's project             capital : PARIS

                1944   (Banana republic)           [MARKO's "project" with a poor logo of shit as in fashion in the Banana republic]

                oficial naval ensign with an idiot stratagem (blue = 30% / white = 33% / red = 37% of the length)    [result = 100% ugly - C'est vraiment trop moche !!!!]

                fascist & colonial 11 NOVEMBER 1942    (100% of France is controlled & administrated by the 3° Reich)

                fascist & colonial 1940 ("North Zone")    +        fascist 1940 ("Etat Français" = Vichy collabo government of shit - "South Zone")

                1871   (3° Republic)

                18 MARCH - 28 MAY 1871    (Commune De Paris)    "Vive La Commune !!!!"

                1830    ("Monarchie De Juillet" with King Louis-Philippe "le roi bourgeois" - flag kept in 1848 by the 2° Republic and in 1852 by the 2° Empire)

                1815    (Restauration of the monarchy with King Louis 18)

                1794    (naval ensign uzed more and more as the national flag and kept for the First Empire by "Bonaparte The Pro Slavery" in 1804)

                +       (flagz uzed on land since 1790)

                naval jack    +        naval ensign    (flagz uzed at sea from 1790 to 1794)

                                            1789    (In 1789 the French revolutionaries put that stuf on their heads.... fuckin creazy Frenchies !!!!)    (1° Republic proclaimed in 1792)

                1632   (chosen by King Louis 13 as a homage toward Joan Of Arc's white standard with a "semis" of golden lily flowers)

                1364   (chosen by King Charles 5 to symbolize the "holy trinity" of my ass)

                1137    (Theres a discussion about THE VERY NAME "Fleur de Lys" or "Fleur de Louys" due to King Louys 7 [pronounce "Louyss" in Old French] crowned in 1137 who choze definitively this very flower as the emblem of the French monarchy. Some sources state the flower was not a lily ("lys" in French) but actualy an iris. Some say the iris became a lily due to this ambiguity betwin "Fleur de Lys" & "Fleur de Louys". The controversy remains.)

                987    (Hugo or Hugues CAPET - his nickname "Capet" [= capé] comes from the blue cape of Saint Martin which explains the blue banner)    (banner ONLY putative)

                843    (creation of the Kingdom of France with independent Francia Occidentalis)    (banner ONLY putative and VERY PROBABLY NOT existin in 843)

                800    (Carolus Magnus Empire)

                481    (Frankish Empire)    (banner ONLY putative and VERY PROBABLY NOT existin in 481)

                colonial 50 BC    (Roman Empire)

                Before the Romans came pissin us off, we were uzin this kind of stuf.    [I realy DO like it !!!!]

                (Detail)    NB : The emblem of Gaulois tribes has NEVER been the cock but the wild boar. The confusion came as the Latin word to say "Gaulois" is GALLVS & the Latin word to say "cock" is GALLVS too. That's all !!!!

                (Gaulois wild boar from the oppidum of Jœuvres - Musée Joseph Déchelette - Roanne, Loire)

                (Gaulois emblem, 55 CM long - brass - Musée d'archéologie de Soulac-sur-Mer, Gironde)

                Cute Celtic wild boar made of typical Celtic interlacings


                1661-1790   (civil ensign / merchant flag : a white cross as a homage toward archangel Saint Michel on a blue flag which refers to the blue cape of Hugues CAPET)    (see Québec flag)

                The French name of this weapon is "un angon". This very typical weapon was used by Clovis 1, the first King of the Franks. Maybe the Lily Flower is NOT a flower at all !!!!

                D'azur à trois fers d'angon d'or ??? 3 fers d'angon insted of 3 lily flowers ??? It's very possible, indeed. L'expression "bannière d'armes / banner of arms" prend ici tout son sens !!!!


                                                                                                  Administrative cutting completely idiot into 13 REGIONS since 1 JANUARY 2016 :

             REGIONAL disgustin logoflag of shit                Régions made of theze HISTORICAL PROVINCES with beautiful flagz   (For ex. RHONE ALPES is NOT historical but I show that bikoz of a lack of place on this page !!!!)

                         NON oficial alternate
             AUVERGNE-RHONE ALPES                                AUVERGNE    (historical province)                       RHONE ALPES = Dauphiné + Lyonais + Savoie

                         flagz of the historical provinces
             BOURGOGNE-FRANCHE COMTE                      BOURGOGNE                                                          FRANCHE COMTE

                     oficial alternate
             BRETAGNE                                                              BRETAGNE

                     NON oficial alternate
             CENTRE VAL DE LOIRE                                        CENTRE VAL DE LOIRE = Orléanais + Touraine

                     oficial alternate
             CORSE                                                                      CORSE

                             flagz of the historical provinces
             GRAND EST                                                             ALSACE                                                                     CHAMPAGNE                                                           LORAINE

                             flagz of the historical provinces
             HAUTS DE FRANCE                                              ARTOIS                                                                      FLANDRE                                                                  PICARDIE

                     oficial alternate
             ILE DE FRANCE                                                      ILE DE FRANCE

             NORMANDIE                                                            NORMANDIE    (lions - oficial alternate)               NORMANDIE (Nordic cross named Saint Olaf)   NORMANDIE    MARKO's project mergin both   (3:5)

                            flagz of the historical provinces
             NOUVELLE AQUITAINE                                         AQUITAINE                                                               LIMOUSIN                                                                 POITOU

                             flagz of the historical provinces
             OCCITANIE                                                               GASCOGNE                                                              LANGUEDOC                                                           ROUSSILLON

                     NON oficial alternate
             PAYS DE LOIRE                                                       PAYS DE LOIRE = Anjou + 1/5 of Bretagne + Vendée   -   Vendée is historicaly a part of Poitou Province. Notice this région "PAYS DE LOIRE" is the most idiotic hybrid ever made.

                     oficial alternate
             PROVENCE-ALPES-COTE D'AZUR                   PROVENCE-ALPES-COTE D'AZUR = Provence + Dauphiné + Niçois

            It's very interestin to notice some regions had the great idea to create a blason.


            PROVENCE was the very first region that had the very good idea to create a blason.

                                                                                Mello LUCHTENBERG's ontwerp vlag - Bien vu, Mello !!!!

            NOUVELLE AQUITAINE was the second region that had the good idea to create a blason. Bien vu, Nouvelle Aquitaine !!!!

            Mello's comment : "Pity that they did not base there flag on the new blazon. I could not resist to draw the flag based on the blazon."

            Mello's great site's here >

                                                                                MARKO's alternate project to my other project !!!!

            OCCITANIE was the third one. Maybe the start of a "new tradition" (good oxymoron !!).


            BOURGOGNE-FRANCHE COMTE was the fourth. A new tradition goes on !!


            AUVERGNE-RHONE ALPES seems to be the fifth.


                                                                                                  Administrative cutting completely idiot into 13 REGIONS with propozals of good flagz insted of vexillogos of shit :

             REGIONAL disgustin logoflag of shit                             ALTERNATE or PROJECT

                                  AUVERGNE-RHONE ALPES    (oficial alternate)

                                  BOURGOGNE-FRANCHE COMTE    (oficial alternate)

                                  BRETAGNE    (oficial alternate)

                                  CENTRE VAL DE LOIRE    (NON oficial alternate)

                                  CORSE    (oficial alternate)

                                  GRAND EST    (project)

                                  HAUTS DE FRANCE    (project)

                                  ILE DE FRANCE    (oficial alternate)

                                  NORMANDIE    (oficial alternate)

                                  NOUVELLE AQUITAINE    (oficial alternate)

                                  OCCITANIE    (project)

                                 PAYS DE LOIRE    (NON oficial alternate)

                                 PROVENCE-ALPES-COTE D'AZUR    (oficial alternate)

            Notice that, by an absolutely unknown and unseemly reason, 2 regions show a shifted logo on their car plates.

                FRANCE logos on car plates

                AUVERGNE-RHONE ALPES as it is....                  and as it should be if it would match with the logo on car plates

                BOURGOGNE-FRANCHE COMTE as it is....        and as it should be if it would match with the logo on car plates   (I find it less ugly !)



An excellent chart found here :


                                                                                                                                                                                + 12 COLONIES :

            COLONY #1 : GUADELOUPE / GWADLOUP / GWADA / KARUKERA    (colonized 1635)

            local flag                                                                                                                       local flag    (red version)

            GONG (Groupement des Organisations Nationalistes Guadeloupéennes)                              FKNG ! (Fos pou Konstwi Nasyon Gwadloup !) - To me this flag is by far THE VERY BEST flag design for GWADLOUP.

            MPGI (Mouvement Pop pour une Guadeloupe Indépendante)                          
UPLG (Union Populaire Libération Guadeloupe)

            UGTG (Unyon Général a Travayé Gwadloup)                                                       UPLG MARKO's project in order NOT TO BE CONFUSED with Surinam !!!!

            COLONY #2 : GUYANE    (colonized 1677)

            colonial flag                                                                                                                   independentist flag

            COLONY #3 : KANAKY / "NOUVELLE CALEDONIE"    (SIC!)    (colonized 1853)

            colonial flag                                                                                                                   independentist flag

            COLONY #4 : MARTINIK    (colonized 1635)

            colonial flag                                                                                                                 local flag named IPSÉITÉ (SELFHOOD) - ratio 2:3 as I just cant get why this flag is made ratio 1:2 on the foto. It's weird as 1:2 is NOT a French usual ratio.

            French local civil ensign from 1766, used as local Martinik flag till 2019 - Béké flag                  local flag used since 1968 by Blak Martinikais - flag of the FNLM (Front National de Libération de Martinik) then flag of Nasyon Matinik

            MIM (Mouvement Indépendantiste Martinikais)                                                                                 MIM MARKO's project with NO white fimbriations in order NOT to look like the Wehrmacht Eisenkreuz Band (ribbons) !!!!

                Wehrmacht Eisenkreuz Band (ribbons)

                I dont know if they are idiots or if they do it on purpose but the flag is displayed TWICE REVERSED (up side down + horizontaly reversed) !!!!
            Foto taken from here >

            IPSÉITÉ does not seem to convince 100% of the people in Martinik. LOL !!! It's here >

            I bet the Blacks will go on displaying the Nasyon Matinik (FNLM) while the White "Békés" will go on displaying both Le Tricolore & Le Snakes.... while Alfred MARY-JANE will go on displaying his MIM flag. Tricolore + Snakes + MIM + Nasyon Matinik + Ipséité.... So theres gonna be at least 5 different flags very soon used by lots of "antagonist" peoples. What a strong unity downthere !!!!!

                The "series" goes on !!! Heres the latest episode : Une action juridique engagée contre le drapeau choisi par l'exécutif de la CTM. LOL !!!
            The full article is visible here >

            IPSÉITÉ is "acused" not to be a genuine original design bearin une conque de lambi, des étoiles et du bleu (queen conch, stars & blue color) but inspired / "copied" after the flag of CONCH REPUBLIC. LOL !!!    Business to follow !!!

            I have a remark about the flag of CONCH REPUBLIC. It's a failed flag as the name is written on it. Amerikish habbit of shit.

                By the way, CONCH REPUBLIC "seceded" from Florida, USA.... but Northern Territories seceded from Conch. What a strong unity upthere !!!!!

            I have a remark about the flag of THE NORTHERNMOST TERRITORIES OF THE CONCH REPUBLIC. It's a failed flag as the name is written on it. Amerikish habbit of shit.

            COLONY #5 : MAYOTTE    (colonized 1886)

            local flag                                                                                                                       independentist flag ????                                                                                               Very good project dezigned by lacourzan1995 vizible here

            COLONY #6 : PIERRE & MIKELON    (colonized 1604)

            NB : heraldry WRONG with 11 ermines                                                              NB : heraldry CORECT

            COLONY #7 : REUNION    (colonized 1674)

            local flag                                                                                                                       independentist flag    (Nasion Rénioné political party)

            COLONY #8 : SAINT BARTH    (colonized 1648)

            colonial flag                                                         local failed flag - failed as it's just a white cloth with the local coat of arms on it                                MARKO's project acordin to wot a flag SHALL look like

            COLONY #9 : SAINT MARTIN    (colonized 1624)

            colonial flag                                                                                                                 local failed flag - failed as it's just a white cloth with the local coat of arms on it

            COLONY #10 : TE AO MAOHI / "POLYNEZIE FRANCAIZE"    (SIC!)    (colonized 1842)

            local flag                                                                                                                       independentist flag

            COLONY #11 : TERRES AUSTRALES & ANTARTIKS FRANCAIZES    (TAAF)    (colonized 1924)

            colonial flag                                                                                                                  local flag

            COLONY #12 : WALLIS & FUTUNA    (colonized 1767)

            colonial flag                                                                                                                  independentist flag

                                                                                                                                                                    + 6 EXTRA FLAGZ :

            ALSACE    Rot Un Wiss                                                                                           WRONG BOURGOGNE with 5 lilies displayed 2,3                                             Gwen Ha Du with 11 ermines that means JUST NOTHIN AT ALL !!!!

            LIMOUSIN before 1314    (House of Limoges-Turenne)                                     LIMOUSIN since 1314    (Guy de Penthièvre)                                                      MARKO's project for a less ugly flag of TAAF

NB : The so called "Breton heraldry" which consists in drawin a "semis d'hermine" without cuttin ermines on the edge of the shield is ABSOLUTELY JUST IDIOT bikoz the only vizible rezult on the Gwen Ha Du is that you realy see 11 ermines. I remember once in DINAN, BZH, a woman asked what was the meanin of the 11 ermines (that, of course, means just nothin as it's a "semis" !) and I remember a guy replied her it was standin for the 11 old counties (or a bullshit that way) !!!! I also remember a guy I personaly know (a Breton from RENNES, BZH) who asked me the very same question. But, unlike the guy from DINAN, I did not told him craps ! ABSOLUTELY JUST IDIOT so called "Breton heraldry" of shit. It just sux and Bretons should get rid of it once & for all.

colony TE AO MAOHI    [so called "FRENCH POLYNESIA" - SIC !!!!]    (5 arkipelagos) :

                                                                          [Dear Maori friends : pleaze REadopt the original names from before the French colonization !!!!]

                       ocupied so called "FRENCH POLYNESIA"

                       TE AO MAOHI    TAVINI HUIRAATIRA    (independentist flag)

                       ocupied TUAMOTU & "GAMBIER"    (TUAMOTU flag)

                       ocupied HAO (a flag with the country name on it is a failure)        as it should be

                       ocupied MAKATEA   (weird 3:5)

                       ocupied REAO PUKARUHA (a flag with the country name on it is a failure)        as it should be

                       ocupied TUAMOTU & "GAMBIER"    ("GAMBIER" flag)    GAMBIER = fuckin French colonial name / better MANGAREVA

                       ocupied "MARKIZES"   MARKIZES = fuckin French colonial name / better TE HENUA ENANA

                       ocupied "AUSTRALES"   AUSTRALES = fuckin French colonial name / better TUBUAI

                       ocupied RAIVAVAE (a flag with the country name on it is a failure)        as it should be

                       ocupied RAPA ITI (a flag with the country name on it is a failure)        as it should be

                       ocupied RIMATARA (a flag with the country name on it is a failure)        as it should be

                       ocupied RURUTU (a flag with the country name on it is a failure)        as it should be

                       ocupied TUBUAI (a flag with the country name on it is a failure)        as it should be

                       ocupied so called "ILES DU VENT"   ILES DU VENT = fuckin French colonial name / better NIAMATAI

                      ocupied so called "ILES SOUS LE VENT" #1   ILES SOUS LE VENT = fuckin French colonial name / better RAROMATAI

                      ocupied so called "ILES SOUS LE VENT" #2   ILES SOUS LE VENT = fuckin French colonial name / better RAROMATAI

NOTE : Theres a controversy about ILES SOUS LE VENT's flag. Indeed : on several sources they say it's a green & yello flag with the letters "ISLV" written on it. On WIKIMERDIA they even say it was adopted 8 NOVEMBER 2007.

Source #1 :

Source #2 :

Source #3 :

But on THIS VERY FOTO taken 30 JUNE 2014 the ILES SOUS LE VENT flag is the BORA BORA flag.


Source :

Notice it's very hard to see as the foto is very small and the flag we talk about is almost hidden behind TUAMOTU !!!!

So theres 2 solutions AND ONLY 2 :

Solution #1 : all thoze 3 sources are WRONG. And it's VERY possible to repeat an error from bad vexillologist to bad vexillologist.

Solution #2 : the French authorities dont know theres a new flag since 8 NOVEMBER 2007. And it's VERY possible as French civil servants are so void in matter of vexillology. I know : I M French !!!!

                       RAROMATAI 1820    [Dear Maori friends : pleaze REadopt it !!!!]

                       ocupied BORA BORA

                       ocupied HUAHINE

                       ocupied RAIATEA

                       ocupied TAHITI                       TAHITI 1822  [REadopt it too !!!!]

                       ocupied MOOREA (a flag with the country name on it is a failure)        as it should be


                       ocupied KANAKY (Province Nord)

                       ocupied KANAKY (Province Sud)

                       ocupied KANAKY (Iles Loyauté)

                       ocupied WALLIS   (ALO)

                       ocupied WALLIS (SIGAVE)

                       ocupied WALLIS   (UVEA)

                                                                                                                                                                    + 6 BONUS FLAGZ :

            FRANCE LIBRE    1940-1945                                                                             SAUGEAIS                                                                                                              BLUE FLAG mafia

            BEWARE AVALANCHES....                                                                               & JUST PREFER WINDSURF  !!!!                                                                       MARKO's GWEN HA DU project

                                                                     Morvan MARCHAL inspired by Irish Clan MARSHALL

                                                                        Marko DE HAECK inspired by Puerto Rico

As the 9 stripes of the Gwen Ha Du stand for the fuckin 9 monarky-era former diocezes of shit, I propoze 5 bands for the 5 Breton republican departments !!!!!    NB : My Gwen Ha Du is inspired from PUERTO RICO insted of the shield of the Irish Clan MARSHALL. As PUERTO RICO's flag dates from 1895 Morvan MARCHAL could have been inspired from it when he drew his Gwen Ha Du in 1923, displayin 5 republican departments insted of 9 monarky-era fuckin diocezes of shit if he would have been a good republican ! But U never know & U might wonder if Bretons are real good republicans !! I guess they are fuckin catholix of shit just like the Irish !!!    BWEUARK !!!!


                                                                                                                                            + 4 MALUS FLAGZ    (as they were expelled) :

            PIEDS NOIRS    (general flag)                                                                            FRENCH PIEDS NOIRS                                                                                       SPANISH PIEDS NOIRS

            Les Français d'Algérie / The French of Algeria                                                 MARKO's project WITH NO TEXT - maybe more mysterious but above all more vexillo-like !!!!

            Les Français d'Algérie / The French of Algeria MARKO's project       (detail showin the 3 shields of the 3 former French départements of ORAN, ALGER, CONSTANTINE)

                                                                                                                                    + 2 EXTRA FOTOS resurrectin the ship France (maybe too big chimneys, aint it !!??) :