UKRAINE    (Ukrayina)    (Nazi Republic of)    (Нацистський Республіка Україна)    []

            slavery unit : hrivna        tongue : Ukrainian        42807000 idiot monkeys on 576600 km²

            puke sects : pagan + other 67%    X 33%

           The colors are taken from the ancient kingdom of Ukraine that has existed in the 13° century. An independentist flag was created in 1848 as a national emblem against Russia. It was simplified in 1917 with 2 bands yello over light blue, then reversed in 1918. It just loox like a foto : golden wheat fields under a light blue sky is its meanin. This flag was in use from 1918 till 1922 durin a very short time of independence. When the country was annexed by the Soviet Union it then used many comunist flags. The present pattern was (re)adopted on 24 August 1991 but the ratio 1:2 was turned 2:3 & the shade of the blue slightly shifted (& improved!) on 21 JANUARY 1992.

or                                                     capital : KIEV

                1992    FLAG OF CONVENIENCE OF SHIT                                   naval ensign

                1991   (independence)    (comunist ratio of shit)

                fascist 1955   (hammer & sickle redezigned)

                fascist 1949

                fascist 1944    (USSR)

                fascist 1943    (Українська Повстанська Армія / Ukrainian Insurgent Army)

                colonial & fascist 1941    (Germany)

                fascist March 1937

                fascist January 1937  (Українська Радянська Соціалістична Республіка - Ukrayins'ka Radyans'ka Sotsialistichna Respublika - USSR)

                fascist 1930

                fascist 1919   (Украинская Социалистическая Советская Республика - Ukrainskaya Sotsialisticheskaya Sovetskaya Respublika)

                1918-1921    (Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine or Black Army or Makhnovshchyna / Anarkist Army led by Nestor Makhno - range called The Free Territories or Makhnovia)

                1918    (Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic)

                1918-1919    (Donetsk–Krivoy Rog Soviet Republic)

                January-March 1918    (Odessa Soviet Republic)    (March 1918 : dissolved by German and Austro-Hungarian invasion)

                1918-1919    (West Ukrainian People's Republic)

                1917-1918    (Ukrainian People's Republic of Soviets then Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1918)

                1918-1920    (Ukrainian People's Republic - new flag)

                1917-1918    (Ukrainian People's Republic)

            This map is not 100% right but it gives an idea of the situation from 1917 till 1920.

                1890    (Kingdom of Galicia - Austria)    +        1914    (Russia)

                1883   (Austria)    +        1883    (Russia)

                1848    (independentist revolt)                                         1858    (Russia)

                1795   (Austria)    +        1764    (Russia)

                (Beautiful chart of Ukrainian Kossak flagz in the 1650's.)

                1569    (Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth)   +       1648    (Independent Kossack Hetmanate)   +

            1449-1783   (Crimean Khanate)

                This map is not 100% right but it gives an idea of the situation from 1449 till 1795.

                1349    (Incorporated into Grand Duchy of Lituania)

            1200   (Galicia-Volynia)   +   1240   (Golden Horde)

                912    (Grand Duchy of Kiev)


                THIS IS Donetsk–Krivoy Rog Soviet Republic from 12 FEBRUARY 1918 till 17 FEBRUARY 1919.

                THIS IS NOT Donetsk–Krivoy Rog Soviet Republic. Indeed : very WEIRD "Soviet" flag !!!! This is Donetsk Republic since 11 MAY 2014.

The flag shown by French WIKIMERDIA is 100% FALSE & WRONG (but their dates are RIGHT !!!!) :épublique_soviétique_de_Donetsk-Krivoï-Rog

The flag shown by English WIKIMERDIA is 100% CORECT & RIGHT but NOTICE their plain red flag is dezigned 3:5 which is a ratio just NEVER UZED in Russia !!!! Look :–Krivoy_Rog_Soviet_Republic

....but their dates are WRONG !!!! Just check it out here :Донецко-Криворожская_Советская_Республика


Found here :


                                                                                                                                                                   24 OBLASTS :

            CHERKASSI                                                                                                   CHERNIGOV                                                                                                     CHERNIVETSK

            DNIEPROPETROVSK                                                                                  DONETSK                                                                                                          IVAN FRANKO

            JITOMIR                                                                                                           KHARKIV                                                                                                            KHERSON

            KHMELNITSK                                                                                                 KIROV                                                                                                                 KYIV

            LUHANSK                                                                                                       LVIV                                                                                                                     MIKOLAIEV

            ODESSA                                                                                                          POLTAVA                                                                                                          RIVNE

            SUMI                                                                                                                 TERNOPIL                                                                                                          VINITSA

            VOLYN                                                                                                             ZAKARPAT                                                                                                        ZAPOROJIE


                                                                                                                                                       + 1 BONUS FLAG :

                                                                                                                                    RUTHENIAN people

2014 : UA = USA.... BWARK !!!!

Kronology of Ukraine

Krym Ukrainian from 1954 till 2014. Novorussia Ukrainian from 1922 till 2022 ???? From Vladimir Lenin to Vladimir Putin !!!!

+ THE NOVORUSSIA SECTION (lots of extra flagz & emblems) :

Before startin, heres the page of all countries code top-level domains :

"no" is already TAKEN : it's NORGE.

"nr" is already TAKEN : it's NAURU.

So I propoze "nv" for Novorussia as this code is stil free.

                NOVORUSSIA national flag                                  NOVORUSSIA variant with the COA

Marko's suggestion for the future :

                NOVORUSSIA national flag                                  NOVORUSSIA war flag in order to get rid of variants and not to confuse both flagz

                NOVORUSSIA alternate                                        NOVORUSSIA alternate MARKO's project for 2 reasons

                REASON #1 : ESTHETIC REASON as it loox better with the darkest band in its center   -   REASON #2 : This flag is ALREADY the one of PERAK, MALAYSIA (even if it's a ratio 1:2).

                NOVORUSSIA warflag    (THE very famous warflag !!!)

              NOVORUSSIA     (motto "воля и труд !" = "WILL AND LABOR !")

             seen on the Russki version of Wikimerdia here (so I think it must be the RIGHT version) :

                 Order of Saint George

                 Donbass People's Militia.... with Donetsk flag UP SIDE DOWN on the shield !!!!

                 Donetsk People's Republic.... with KIEV shield in RED which is TWICE weird !!!! BTW I V already EXPLAINED 150000 times a flag with the name of its country written on it is A FAILURE. Even Roman MARS confirms here :


             25 OCTOBER is flag day in Donetsk Republik
Video here :
But I say it again : a flag with the name of the country on it is a failure. Otherwize it's a comercial flag.
DONETSK REPUBLIK shall NOT be a comercial stuf !!!!

                 THIS IS BAD                                                            THIS IS GOOD

             FLAGZ ON SCREENZ ARE GOOD !!!!

                 GOOD FLAG ON THE SCREEN

                 GOOD FLAG ON THE SCENE

             THIS ONE TOO !!!

                 GOOD FLAG ON THE SCROLL

             YA LIUBLIU ETOT FLAG !!!!


            found here :

                 They seem to have heard me at last ! Hurra Novorossiya !! But they did like Lugansk Republik : a sad triband with no gerb on it. Snif !!! Woooooiiiiiiinnnnn !!!!

                 It's blue, not red.   I DONT get it !!!!

                 foto taken in TOREZ city : the KIEV shield on the flag is LOGICAL as it is BLUE.

                 Donetsk People's Republic MARKO's LOGICAL project.... with DONETSK shield.

Donetsk People's Republic coat of arms.... but WHY the KIEV shield insted of the DONETSK shield ? & WHY in RED ???

Donetsk People's Republic coat of arms MARKO's LOGICAL project with DONETSK shield.

I LOVE DONETSK shield as it does NOT look fuckin comunist of shit of my ass. It loox WORKER & I LOVE IT !! Dont mingle worker & comunist.

                 Lugansk People's Republic   (I find it loox REALY a lil bit naked !!!!)   THIS IS NOT BAD.... BUT THIS IS SAD !!!

        Lugansk People's Republic coat of arms   [Notice it loox like a 1940's comunist stuf of shit of my ass !!!!]

             It loox a lot like East Germany. I DO suport LUGANSK REPUBLIC but I do NOT like this reference to comunism & the past.

                     No cute with no gerb.... and worse when the light blue loox grey !!!!

                 Lugansk People's Republic MARKO's project (addin the coat of arms of the republic on the very "nude" flag) by January 2015.

                 Seems to be done by January 2018.... at last !!!!

             Foto found here :

             Notice I have reversed the foto for the flag to face us and get + vizible. So.... my idea of addin the герб on the флаг was a good idea !!!!

                 Flag loox 100% BETTER with bright colors & the gerb.

             Indeed : it loox by far much + beautiful than the simple naked triband.... even if the gerb loox DDR !!!

                 Even WikiMERDIA confirms ! Screenshot taken on 6 января 2018.

                 Kharkov People's Republic    [Notice a flag with the name of the country written on it is a FAILED FLAG. It's TRUE.]

                 Kharkov People's Republic triband with NO coat of arms. 100% VERY BAD IDEA as it is already DAGHESTAN's flag !!!!

                 Kharkov People's Republic MARKO's project as the double-head eagle everywhere is just simply BORING. It's TRUE.... but EVEN flagz with big centered shields are gettin boring too !!!

                                                             = THE BEST ONE !!!!
             So I tried somethin else to change from usual big centered shields. I started with a green shield but I find the result quite insipid. So I tried raspberry to match with the Ukri Oblast. It's better but not terrific !! So I tried bright red. Loox better !!!

             So, to sum it up, we passed from this      to that        Hmmmm hmmmm.... It's a REAL qualitative leap, I must say !

                 Odessa People's Republic    [Notice a flag with the name of the country written on it is a FAILED FLAG. It's TRUE.]

                 Odessa People's Republic MARKO's project as the double-head eagle everywhere is just simply BORING. It's TRUE. But it loox TOO MUCH like VENEZUELA !!!!

                 Odessa People's Republic alternate poposal - It is a FAILED FLAG as the name of the country is written on it but the setting of colors (inspired by the Ukri Oblast colors) loox + beautiful.

                 Odessa People's Republic MARKO's project with NOR BORING double-head eagle everywhere NEITHER FAILED FLAG with the name of the country written on it.

Another very interestin source with other Novorussian flag projects is the French-Novorussian fighter Erwan CASTEL :

                 We can see this picture on Erwan' site. It's both interestin & odd seein Odessa project is.... a THIRD project yello-white-red !!!

                 Odessa People's Republic other alternate poposal inspired by Odessa City flag.

                 Odessa People's Republic MARKO's OTHER project from after the other alternate poposal inspired by Odessa City flag seen on Erwan' site. I must say it's the project I DO PREFER.

             So, to sum it up, we passed from this      to that        Hmmmm hmmmm.... It's a REAL qualitative leap, I must say !

                 Zaporojie People's Republic very close both to

                 Kossak Kuban People's Republic / Kubanska Narodna Respublika 1918-1920 and Russian Kraï Krasnodar   

                 Dniepropetrovsk People's Republic very strange with typical Belgian, German, Ugandan colors !!! - It's just ANYTHIN AT ALL. DEFINITELY.

             Notice the traditional color of Kossaks has ALWAYS been BLUE, not blak, as I say it on my page RUSSIA (section titled Terek Soviet Republic) here >

                 Dniepropetrovsk People's Republic MARKO's project very close both to

                 The Great Don Army (Kossak Don Republic) / Vsevelikoye Voysko Donskoye 1918-1920 and Russian Oblast Rostov    

                 Nikolaiev People's Republic             MARKO's project ONLY FOR ESTHETIC REASON as it loox better with the darkest band in its center

                 Could be Nikolaiev Pop. Rep.          variant with the same goluboy as the gerb. I must say it's the project I DO PREFER.

                 Kherson People's Republic

                 The Communist Brigade.... 100% unseemly flag !!!!

             Foto found here :

                 (As I DO HATE BOTH comunizm & monarky, the ONLY STUF I LIKE on this so unseemly flag is the Ribbon of St George !!!!)


Source :

Another very interestin source with other Novorussian flags is this Frenchie blog :


                                                                                                                                                                                        + 3 EXTRA BONUS FLAGZ :

                             historic flag of Galicia and flag of SANOK (Galician autonomy movement)             MARKO's project with a simple modern shield for a better VIZIBLE looking        MARKO's project acordin to wot a flag SHALL look like


                                                                                                                                + 9 EXTRA MALUS NAZI FLAGZ :

              PRAVIY SEKTOR                                                                        SOCIAL NATIONALIST PARTY                                                SOCIAL NATIONALIST PARTY   (alternate)

              SVOBODA                                                                                     ORG. OF UKRAINIAN NATIONALISTS (OUN-M)                  ORG. OF UKRAINIAN NATIONALISTS (OUN-B)

              UNSO / YHCO (Українська Народна Самооборона)                 TRYZUB                                                                                         VOLUNTEER UKRAINIAN CORPS (ДYK)

              shield of the SS DIVISION DAS REICH from 1939 till 1945. Now YOU DO KNOW Ukris are REALY inspired by nazi stuf.