UNITED STATES OF AMERICA    (no other name)    [www.us]                    LINK : www.janeresture.com

            slavery unit : U$        tongue : English        313232000 obeze prudish paranoid creationist idiot monkeys on 9372615 km²

            puke sects : X 84%    pagan + other 14%    jew 2%

            capitalist theocracy full of cops & bubble gums.... Sorry : bible guns of shit ("Wonderland" my ass) : no comment    (cf letter Q)

Theres lots of "weapons of mass destruction" in.... the USA !!!!

            11 SEPTEMBER 1973 : Salvador ALLENDE suicides in La Moneda palace (Santiago, CHILE) bombed by the Chilean army suported by the CIA.




Flag of the USATAN

The great seal of the USA                                obverse                               and reverse

Notice the reverse is too often "forgotten" while it's much + interestin than the obverse !!!!

So wot can we say about the obverse ? 13 stars displayed as a Mogen David.... NOT as a circle, NOT as a line, NOT as a saltire (like on The South flag). NO : as a Mogen David. Hmmmm hmmmm....

And wot can we say about the reverse ? This very strange Latin motto : ANNUIT COEPTIS : NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM which means in English ANNOUNCING OUR ENTERPRISE : NEW WORLD ORDER. Hmmmm hmmmm too !!!

13 is a Masonic digit but I dont know wot it stands for. An Egyptian pyramid made of 13 layers. Typical symbol of the Masonry and his religious worship dedicated to Mythra. Masonry is also very tied to Ancient Egypt. On top of that Egyptian pyramid stands the All Seeing Eye which is the symbol for the messiah in the Hebrew theology. Ancient Hebrew theology Messiah —not Jesus.

About the Masonic worship dedicated to Mythra U can have a glance at the fuckin French Tricolor here.

The eagle has two wings, the eagle have a left wing and the eagle have a right wing. That is why you have left wing and a right wing politics. Because the eagle only has two wings. So you only have democratic and republican wings in America. That’s why a third party has never been allowed and will never be allowed because the eagle has only two wings, a left wing and a right wing. A bit like on this excellent drawin from the great Ben GARRISON :


Find + info just right here if U wish.

When U C USatan complete great seal (obverse + reverse) be certain of one thing : U L B fucked deep in your ass wotever U may be an Amerikish or U might not.

Let's watch together Jack OTTO : www.youtube.com/watch?v=hP4bzXfb6Go

....unless all that pyramid stuf is about       logo        album

Enjoy that 1991 sound !!!! > www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoqkEpC4qvE

        NATION OF HAWAII independentist beautiful flag

  16 January 1994 : HAWAII declared their independence....but nobody gives a fuck!

Kasher Donald


        jew 2016  (idiot 10:19)    [under "prezident" Kasher DONALD's rule]              

    nazi 2008  (idiot 10:19)    [under "prezident" Puppet ASSHOLE's rule]          

        nazi 2000    (idiot 10:19)    [under "prezident" George BIN LABUSH's rule]  

        1960    (idiot 10:19)    [50 starz]

        1959    (idiot 10:19)    [49 starz]

        1912    (idiot 10:19 instead of 1:2)    [48 starz]

        1908    (3:5)    [46 starz]

        1896    (3:5)    [45 starz]

        1891    (3:5)    [44 starz]

        1890    (3:5)    [43 starz]

        1877    (3:5)    [38 starz]   +       variant named "Concentric Circles"

        1867    (3:5)    [37 starz]   +       variant named "Medalion Centenial"

        1865    (3:5)    [36 starz]   +       variant named "Wagon Wheel"

        1863    (3:5)    [35 starz]   +       variant named "July 4"

        1861    (3:5)    [34 starz]   +       variant named "Great Flower"

        1859    (3:5)    [33 starz]   +       variant named "Fort Sumter"

        1847    (3:5)    [29 starz]   +       variant named "Diamond Pattern"

        1837    (3:5)    [26 starz]   +       variant named "Great Star (26)"

        1818    (3:5)    [20 starz]   +       variant named "Great Star (20)"

        1795   (the "Star Spangled Banner")    [15 starz]    (flag found on a WikiMERDIA page and drawn ratio 5:7 by Carl LINDBERG)

    Now let's masturbate together !!!!

        The REAL "Star Spangled Banner" snapshot 1873 by George Henry PREBLE.

        The same foto cropped. The ratio is 5:6. Notice we cant see if the fly of the flag is folded !!!!

    In this video Jerry FORD talks about a replica made ratio 5:8. Just watch : www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgQLmtjuI8E

        I made a screenshot of the flag. Thou it's of course very aproximative this screenshot sizes 289x443 pixel. So it's a real ratio 5:8.

    So the question is : should the "Star Spangled Banner" be drawn 5:6 or 5:7 or 5:8 ???

    +over notice Jerry FORD's replica has its 15 starz perfectly aligned up side up while they are not on the other versions of the flag. So I just dont know how to dezign the "Star Spangled Banner".

        1777 alternate dezign by Betsy ROSS    (I dont know if Betsy ROSS did REALY dezigned it but it's DEFINITELY my FAVORITE Stars & Stripes dezign - just perfect !)    [13 starz]

        1777    (first official naval ensign dezigned by Francis HOPKINSON who replaced the six-pointed stars of the George Washington Valley Forge Headquarters Flag)    [13 starz]

        December 1775    ("Grand Union Flag")

        July 1775 dezigned by John HULBERT   (It seems to be the VERY FIRST Stars & Stripes 1 year before the Independence.... but such a flag loox quite odd so early, so this flag is still in question.)

        1707-1775    (British Colony of New England - second Red Ensign)

        1686-1707    (British Colony of New England - first Red Ensign / local civil ensign designed by British officer John Graydon)          same flag, variant

        1607    (British Red Ensign)    Now we know where the Stars & Stripes comes from !!!!

        1638-1655   (Nya Sverige)

        1614-1664   (Nieuw Nederland)

        1534-1763   (Nouvelle France)

        1519-1821   (Nueva España)

        A long time before all thoze fuckin Europeans came, killed everyone & destroyed everythin with their capitalist system of Satan of shit.

                American Civil War (1861-1865) / Confederate States of America :


                 1865    (good old 2:3)    ("The Blood Stained Banner" dezigned by William THOMPSON. By far the best & cutest CSA dezign and one of the most interestin historical US flagz to me.)

                 1863    (good old 1:2)    (Flag named "The Stainless Banner")

                 November 1861    (idiot ratio 5:9 instead of 1:2)    [13 starz]

                 July 1861    (ratio 5:9)    [11 starz]

                 May 1861    (ratio 5:9)    [9 starz]

                 March 1861    (ratio 5:9)    [7 starz]    (Flag named the "Stars & Bars")

                 January 1861    (Flag named "Bonnie Blue")

             The Confederate States of America (CSA) were made of 11 States from 1861 to 1865. However it is often considered there were 13 States with Kentucky & Missouri :

                 ALABAMA 1861   (obverse)        (reverse)    (NOLI ME TANGERE = "TOUCH ME NOT" or "DON'T TREAD ON ME")

                 ARKANSAS 1861   (The State did not adopt a flag durin the civil war but the Bonnie Blue flag was uzed unoficially)

                 FLORIDA JANUARY 1861    (I do like it !!!!)

                 FLORIDA SEPTEMBER 1861       FLORIDA SEPTEMBER 1861 unoficial alternate flag

                 The motto sounds well !!!!    Flag found here    (I V rearanged it as a flag's NOT dirty-grey but white !!)
             On the 1° big star the letters are SC for South Carolina. On the 2° big star the letter is F for Florida. On the 3° big star the letter is M for Mississippi.

                 GEORGIA JANUARY 1861 in Augusta and in Millidgeville (Georgia's capital from 1807 to 1868)                   GEORGIA 1861

                 KENTUCKY 1861   (The State did not adopt a flag durin the civil war but the Stars & Bars was uzed unoficially)

                 LOUISIANA JANUARY 1861              FEBRUARY 1861              alternate secessionist flag

                 MISSISSIPPI 1861   "The Magnolia Flag"

                 MISSOURI 1861

                 NORTH CAROLINA 1861

                 SOUTH CAROLINA 1860           JANUARY 1861           FEBRUARY 1861

                 TENNESSEE 1861

                 TEXAS 1861

                 VIRGINIA 1861

             6 flagz of the former Confederate States of America (CSA) are STIL vizible in nowadayz flagz :

                 ALABAMA since 1895 is alwayz said to have been inspired by        NEW SPAIN   (1519-1821) but it was actualy inspired directly from the

                Confederate States of America (CSA) naval jack

                ARKANSAS too but the saltire was turned into a lozange / diamond shape

                FLORIDA too since 1900   Indeed : from 1868 to 1900 the flag was a plain white with NO red saltire.

                Since 2003 Georgia's flag is inspired from the 1861 CSA flag   

                MISSISSIPPI adopted this flag in 1894 combinin both       and  

                Since 1905 TENNESSEE tributes very discretly the 1865 CSA flag with its thin blue band at the fly  

                MARKO's suggestion for TENNESSEE !!!!

             Very cute flagz uzed by the Klown Klux Klan, redezignin flagz of some southern States. They are named Confederate Statement Flags or CSA Statement Flags :

                 South Carolina                    Texas

             PRESENT FLAG                                                                                STATEMENT FLAG                                                                                ALTERNATE BETTER FLAG (better as they look really pretty and they do NOT look uniform)

                                                                                ALABAMA that we could name "THE DOUBLE X"

                                                 ARKANSAS   (3:5 insted of 2:3 but failed flag of shit with the name of the country written on it as US dickheads do)

                                                                                FLORIDA better dezign than the statement flag

                                        GEORGIA statement flag which is just simply the 1956 flag of Georgia


statement flag which is just simply the same - So U can drink some beers while the other change their flag !!!!

                                                 NORTH CAROLINA

                                                 SOUTH CAROLINA

                                   TENNESSEE variant already seen in reality



            Heres a very well made short film about 151 Different Confederate Flags. Enjoy ! > www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EcHIl1dOn0


                                                                                          1 FAILED FLAG + 9 ETHNIC FLAGZ + 1 FEDERAL DISTRICT + 50 STATES :

                    NB : A flag with a State name WRITTEN ON IT is just a FAILURE, of course. Otherwize no need to dezign any flag : just take a white dish towel & write the name of your country on it !!!! Look at that :

             Indeed : would you axept this flag as the flag of the USA insted of the Stars & Stripes ? I guess you wouldnt. So if you wouldnt axept it for the USA insted of the Stars & Stripes, WHY do you axept it for ARKANSAS, CALIFORNIA, CONNECTICUT, IDAHO, ILLINOIS, INDIANA, IOWA, KANSAS, MINNESOTA, MONTANA, NEVADA, NORTH DAKOTA, OKLAHOMA, OREGON, SOUTH DAKOTA and WISCONSIN ????????????????

Roman MARS confirms here :

Ceisiwr SERITH confirms too : www.youtube.com/watch?v=ab9DaiiQfyw


FORTUNATELY a female captain who commanded one of LASD’s prisons in the USA loox much + clever than the huge majority of the US people. Just look here :  flaglog.com/post/85996182662/los-angeles-county-sheriffs-department-since

Does anybody know her name ???? I D like to congratulate her very sincerely for her sharp sense of vexillology.

                So called "INDIAN" AMERICANS (American Indian Movement)               www.aimovement.org

                AFRICAN AMERICANS (flag of the UNIA dezigned by Marcus GARVEY in 1920)    www.theunia-acl.com

                REPUBLIC OF NEW AFRIKA

                AFRICAN AMERICANS (flag dezigned by David HAMMONS in 1990)

                AFRICAN AMERICANS (variant)

            CHAGOSSIANS (people expelled betwin 1968 & 1973 from DIEGO GARCIA Island for the US Army & Navy to squat the range) :

                CHAGOS ISLANDS #1 (3:5) made after this fotograf                    

CHAGOS ISLANDS #2 (1:2) made after this fotograf  

CHAGOS ISLANDS #3 (1:2) made after this fotograf  

CHAGOS ISLANDS #4 (3:5) made after this fotograf                    

            A few linx about Chagos Islands & Chagossian People :

            www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/katie-mcque/the-uks-abuse-of-the-chag_b_4202876.html                              www.thunderclap.it/projects/17166-chagos-day-sign-the-petition                              www.chagos.org

                WASHINGTON DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA   [idiot ratio 10:19 insted of a good old simple ratio 1:2]

                ALABAMA   (Notice the flag SHALL BE a rectangle ratio 2:3 and JUST NEVER a square despite bad vexillologs may say !!!!)

                ALABAMA    (very cute variant - too bad it's not the flag in uze oficialy.... thou both emblems SHOULD BE REVERSED. Crest emblem SHOULD BE above and the coat of arms below)

            Marko's project for ALABAMA :

            > >     The flag is a recall of the CSA naval jack.... SO JUST REVERSE TO GET CLOSER !!!!

                ALASKA   (sick head ratio 125:177 insted of a good old simple ratio 2:3)               www.akip.org


                ARKANSAS failed flag       ARKANSAS as it should be

                CALIFORNIA failed flag       CALIFORNIA as it should be


                CONNECTICUT   [idiot stocky ugly ratio 4:5 insted of a good old simple ratio 2:3]

                DELAWARE   [good old ratio 2:3 or idiot stocky ugly ratio 3:4 ????]   

                        FLORIDA    [in god they trust.... poor guys & dolls !!!!]

            NB : As "god" is a mental disease & a psychopathology located in the front part of the brain I suggest both slightly shifted seal + flag for FLORIDA :

                       MARKO's project for FLORIDA

                ....or just REadopt this one as it loox realy pretty good !!!!

                GEORGIA   (3:5)   [in god they trust.... there too !!!!]
            NB : As "god" is a mental disease & a psychopathology located in the front part of the brain I suggest a slightly shifted flag for GEORGIA :

                MARKO's project for GEORGIA with NO fuckin sick head motto of shit   (3:5)

            About this fuckin sick head motto of shit it's very interestin to notice it appeared ONLY on the DEFINITELY WORSE version of the whole History of Georgian flagz in 2001 :

                GEORGIA 2001   (the DEFINITELY WORSE Georgian flag - BWARK !!!!) - A sick head person decided to ad this fuckin sick head motto of shit.

                Notice this fuckin sick head motto of shit was neither on GEORGIA 1956 - in 1956 Georgians DO NOT trust in god.... but
things went perfectly right !

                nor on GEORGIA 1920 - in 1920 Georgians DO NOT trust in god.... but
things went perfectly right !

                nor on GEORGIA 1902 - in 1902 Georgians DO NOT trust in god.... but
things went perfectly right !

                nor on GEORGIA 1865 - in 1865 Georgians DO NOT trust in god.... but
things went perfectly right !

                and neither even on GEORGIA 1861 !!!! In 1861 Georgians DO NOT trust in god but things went perfectly right.... so just get rid of that sick head motto of shit.

            To me GEORGIA's flag (the 2003 prezent version) loox as the cutest ever dezigned but pleaze : drop this fuckin sick head motto of shit added 2001 by a sick head person. DROP IT ONCE & FOR ALL.
Thank you !

                Fuckin colonial British HAWAII       HAWAII as it should be

                HAWAII KANAKA MAOLI   [idiot ratio 5:9 insted of a good old simple ratio 1:2]

                NATION OF HAWAII independentist flag   (3:5)    (To me the definitely ultimate most beautiful flag ever dezigned for Hawaii)               www.hawaii-nation.org

                IDAHO failed flag    [idiot stocky ugly ratio 26:33 insted of a good old simple ratio 2:3]

                IDAHO as it should be        MARKO's project for IDAHO    [good old simple ratio 2:3 with a BIG seal - the yello star in the canton is the State of Idaho itself]

                ILLINOIS failed flag   (3:5)       ILLINOIS as it should be

                INDIANA failed flag       INDIANA as it should be

                IOWA failed flag           IOWA as it should be

                KANSAS failed flag   (3:5)       KANSAS as it should be

                MARKO's project #1 for KANSAS    [with the State motto]   (3:5)

                MARKO's project #2 for KANSAS inspired from the State banner 1925-1927   (3:5)  

                KENTUCKY   [idiot ratio 10:19 insted of a good old simple ratio 1:2]

                LOUISIANA   (idiot 7:11 insted of a good old simple ratio 2:3)            (masonic flag adorned with the symbol of the Pelican from the 18° Scottish Rite or Knight Rose Croix)

                LOUISIANA   (MARKO's project after the 1815-1830 French Flag - ratio 2:3)            (I V turned the white flag into a red one as a reference toward the usual symbolic color of America)

            some sources say the pelican could be a phoenix insted....

                MAINE    [idiot stocky ugly sickhead complicated ratio 26:33 insted of a good simple cute ratio 2:3]       civil ensign    (2:3)

                MAINE    Yet this REAL FLAG loox
good simple cute ratio 2:3 or very elegant 3:5. So better !!

                MAINE old flag from 1901 till 1909 - There seems to be a revival of this old flag. We'll follow that interestin track. Ratio 3:5 probably not historical at all but very elegant !!!!

                MARYLAND    (Definitely my favorite flag both for dezign & colorz)

                MASSACHUSSETTS   (3:5)                                      naval ensign   (3:5)

MASS. VERY VERY VERY GOOD flag project dezigned by rubberduck3y6 found here > www.deviantart.com/rubberduck3y6/art/Alternate-US-Flags-Massachusetts-610287815


                MARKO's project which is the governor flag for the coat of arms to be + VIZIBLE. Indeed : the COA is not very vizible on that boring blue flag....

                MINNESOTA failed flag   (3:5)

                MINNESOTA as it should be - VERY WEIRD FLAG as it shows the seal 1858-1971 !!!!!!!!!!      

                MARKO's project for MINNESOTA    (ratio 2:3 with a dark blue flag to have the seal MORE VIZIBLE)My project shows the NOW seal to be COHERENT.

flag project for MINNESOTA named The North Star Flag   (3:5)          foto

                fascist MISSISSIPPI                                      MISSISSIPPI Magnolia Flag 1861   (3:5)

                MARKO's project #1 for MISSISSIPPI        MARKO's project #2
        MARKO's project #3

            Here are 5 other very good dezigns :

                Flag project introduced in 2001 by Mississippi governor William WINTER. Very good dezign helas rejected 65% by popular referendum.   (3:5)

                Flag project by ACHALEY. Very good dezign too.   (3:5)

                Flag project by Axel GAGE. Very good dezign too.   (3:5)

    Flag project by Laurin STENNIS. Very good dezign too.   (2:3)              

                Flag project by Oscar DENTON. Very good dezign in itself but.... too too too much close to Missouri. So NOT GOOD DEZIGN finaly !!!!   (idiot 10:19)

                MISSOURI   [idiot ratio 7:12 insted of a good old simple ratio 3:5]

                MONTANA failed flag       MARKO's project for MONTANA with the lily emblem

                NEBRASKA   (3:5)

                NEVADA failed flag       NEVADA as it should be

                NEW HAMPSHIRE

                NEW JERSEY

                NEW JERSEY    found here : www.vexilla-mundi.com/usa_states/new_jersey_flag.html   Mello LUCHTENBERG sayz the color is "buff".

                NEW JERSEY    found here : www.rbvex.it/ameripag/statius3.html#nj   Roberto BRESCHI sayz the color is "grigio-avana".

                NEW JERSEY    found here : www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/us-nj.html   Rick WYATT sayz the color is "buff". But it's not "Mello's buff" !!!!

                NEW JERSEY    found here : www.worldstatesmen.org/US_states_N.html   Ben CAHOON stole SHITFOTW flag but says nothin at all !!!!

                NEW JERSEY    found here : flaglog.com/post/115427979459/new-jersey-since-1896-around-half-of-american
            Brendan HENNESSY sayz the color is "beige". Very obviously he trusts WIKIMERDIA. Just look :

                NEW JERSEY    found here : commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Flag_of_New_Jersey.svg   U can C 5 diferent colors on the 19 flagz list !!!!
            BTW I just can NOT get WHY Brendan HENNESSY (who is a very acurate vexilolog) trusts such a big shit as WIKIMERDIA.... Maybe a nervous breakdown. Poor Brendan.

            +over if I type "beige" in GOOGLE I got this. It's NEITHER "Brendan's beige" NOR "WIKIMERDIA's beige". It loox quite closer to ivory color !!!!


            CONCLUSION : I M just fed up and all that fuckin masturbation on this color of shit just enerves me and I DO NOT WANNA HEAR ABOUT IT ANY+.
            So I strongly propoze a cute warm yello insted :

                NEW JERSEY
    MARKO's project for N.J. with a cute warm yello insted of all thoze fuckin shades of shit of my fuckin ass. Clear ?

                NEW MEXICO

                NEW YORK   (1:2)

                NORTH CAROLINA

                NORTH DAKOTA failed flag    [idiot stocky ugly ratio 26:33 insted of a good old simple ratio 2:3]                    NORTH DAKOTA as it should be

                OHIO   [idiot ratio 5:8 insted of a good old simple ratio 3:5.... but very quite interestin & cute odd pennant shape !!!!]

                OKLAHOMA failed flag       OKLAHOMA as it should be

Too shimmy with too many tiny starz : fuckin headache !!!!Let's breathe !!!!

                OREGON obverse failed flag   (3:5)       OREGON reverse   (3:5)

                OREGON obverse as it should be    (3:5)

                MARKO's project for OREGON
with NO reverse inspired both after Randall GRAY & Matt NORQUIST    (1:2)

                2008 project for OREGON dezigned by Randall GRAY    [with NO reverse]    (2:3)    Link : portlandflag.org/2015/01/13/randall-grays-flag-for-oregon

    Notice I V redezigned it in order to be "heraldry corect" & all that kind of stuf. It loox funnier as the beaver gaze at the star. Forgive me, Randall !

                2013 project for OREGON dezigned by Matt NORQUIST    [with NO reverse]    (3:5)    Link : reportlandoregon.wordpress.com/2013/02/09/new-state-of-oregon-flag-proposal


                MARKO's project for PENNSYLVANIA    (A GREEN flag for the 2 blak horses & the eagle to be + VIZIBLE than blak on blue)

                RHODE ISLAND    [idiot stocky ugly sickhead ratio 36:41.... thou it seems to be a good old cute simple ratio 2:3 in the real life > armenianweekly.com/2017/05/05/anc-ri-ag-2017/]

                SOUTH CAROLINA              "BIG RED" is the modern version of The Citadel Flag / Very cute flag found here : www.loeser.us/flags/civil.html

                SOUTH DAKOTA failed flag   (3:5)   [with an idiot & ridiculous touristic fuckin comercial ad "The Mount Rushmore" on a STATE flag !!!!]

                MARKO's project for SOUTH DAKOTA with NO idiot & ridiculous touristic ad but a FULL COLOR seal

                TENNESSEE   (3:5)
               very elegant alternate all white              MARKO's project


                UTAH   (3:5)
              MARKO's project   (3:5)              MARKO's alternate project   (2:3)

                VERMONT   (3:5)
         It's ANYTHIN AT ALL with "VERMONT" in the middle of the motto !!!!         SHALL BE THIS


                WASHINGTON (STATE OF)   (3:5)

                WEST VIRGINIA failed flag   [idiot ratio 10:19 insted of a good old simple ratio 1:2]

                WEST VIRGINIA as it should be

                WISCONSIN failed flag       WISCONSIN as it should be

                MARKO's project for WISCONSIN with THE FULL seal

                WYOMING       MARKO's project    (a + SIMPLE & + CUTE flag with NO seal)


            About BONNIE BLUE :

                WEST FLORIDA REPUBLIC   (September-December 1810)   (This flag loox 100% like Bonnie Blue.... is there any link ????)


            About BORING BLUE :

                BORING & BORING & BORING & ......


             Peter Vexillographer is BLUEdy right !!!!    Ten Worst U.S. State Flags > www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkKTuz6UJ98


                                                                                                                                                                       + 11 HISTORICAL BATTLE FLAGS :

        1776   (so called "Bennington Flag" alledgely used at the Battle of Bennington on 16 August 1777 - The Bennington flag was long incorrectly believed to have flown during the battle.)

        1776   (It seems this one was adopted 1776 (or 1764 ?) & realy used at the Battle of Bennington on 16 August 1777 - It's named Flag of the Green Mountain Boys & is also the Vermont Republic.)

        1776   (second flag of the Sons Of Liberty used as civil ensign from 1776 to 1800 - notice there was neither rattlesnake nor motto DON'T TREAD ON ME)

        1775    (Pine Tree Flag or Appeal to Heaven Flag - used by a squadron of 6 schooners under George Washington's authority as commander in chief of the Continental Army on 20 October 1775)

        1775    (Bunker Hill Flag - used at the Battle of Bunker Hill on 17 June 1775 - Bunker Hill Flag is actualy a variant of New England Red Ensign)

        1775    (FALSE / MISTAKEN erroneous reported Bunker Hill Flag)

        1775   (Gadsden Flag - designed 1775 by General Christopher Gadsden, adopted oficialy 1778)

        1775   (Moultrie Flag - designed 1775 by Colonel William Moultrie, adopted oficialy 14 June 1776)

        1775   (Bedford Flag - designed maybe 1720, displayed & used at the Battle of Concord on 19 April 1775)

        1775   (George Washington Valley Forge Headquarters personal standard displayed to signal his presence near his personal tent or building - said to be dezigned by Washington himself)

        1767   (first flag of the Sons Of Liberty named "Stamp Act Flag" or "Rebellious Stripes")


Article found here : www.loeser.us/flags/revolution.html#fbh


Post card found here : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pine_Tree_Flag

Foto sent by Ralph KELLY, the BEST vexillolog on Planet Earth.

I must say WIKIMERDIA has corrected their craps since I said it.

            As it all started with 13 flagz heres my own selection of THE 13 BEST dezigns drawn all ratio 2:3 for a better looking. Indeed : all the other flagz & ratios are borin & not terrific !

            ALASKA                                                                                                            ARIZONA                                                                                                        CALIFORNIA WITH NO NAME

            INDIANA WITH NO NAME                                                                            MARYLAND (My favorite one among all !!!!)                                              MISSISSIPPI (Fuckin fascist flag but fuckin good dezign !!!!)

            NEW JERSEY ON A YELLO FLAG                                                             NEW MEXICO                                                                                                 SOUTH CAROLINA ("BIG RED" version)

            TENNESSEE                                                                                                   TEXAS                                                                                                             WASHINGTON (STATE OF)

                                                                                                                                        WYOMING WITH NO SEAL

                                                                                                                + MY 3 OTHER FAVORITE ONES (all ratio 2:3 for a better looking) :

            SWEET LIL BETSY !                                                                                     SWEET LIL PINE !!                                                                                         SWEET LIL SNAKE !!!


                                                                                                                                                                       + 5 US COLONIES :

                    GUAM   (idiot ratio 21:40 insted of 1:2)                                                               GUAM seal     [Yankee colony since 1898]

                    MARIANAS    (idiot ratio 10:19 insted of 1:2)                                               MARIANAS seal     [Yankee colony since 1947]

                    PUERTO RICO    (2:3)                                                                                       PUERTO RICO shield     [Yankee colony since 1898] and MARKO's project.

It’s just because all those symbols (the crowned F, the crowned Y, the yoke, the bundle of arrows) have both a Spanish colonial meaning and also a fascist meaning since Spanish Francisco FRANCO’s dictature. You can see those very symbols on the 1939, the 1945 and the 1977 versions of the Spanish flag. +over all that quite fancy stuf make the whole dezign complicated, overloaded & boring while my project is by far much + simple, unic and very easily identifiable.


                        Taino Jatibonicu Tribe in Puerto Rico                             United Confederation of Taino People in the Caribbean


                    YANKEE SAMOA    (1:2)                                                                                        YANKEE SAMOA seal     [Yankee colony since 1900]

                    YANKEE VIRGIN    (2:3)                                             YANKEE VIRGIN seal     [Yankee colony since 1917]                             Very good flag project by / Zeer goed vlag ontwerp van Mello LUCHTENBERG


                   + 6 United States Minor Outlying Islands with very interestin flagz & very good dezigns :

                       BIKINI pebble    (idiot ratio 10:19)     [Yankee colony since 1944]    (Men otemjej rej ilo bein anij = "Everything is in the hands of God" in Marshallese language)

                       JOHNSTON pebble failed flag    (3:5)                     JOHNSTON pebble as it should be     [Yankee colony since 1858]

                       MIDWAY pebble    (3:5)     [Yankee colony since 1867]

                       NAVASSA pebble    (3:5)     [Yankee colony since 1856]

                       PALMYRA pebble    (2:3)     [Yankee colony since 1898]

                       WAKE pebble    (2:3)     [Yankee colony since 1900]


                                                                                                                                   + INDEPENDENTIST MOVEMENTS :


                       independentist ALASKA

                       independentist CALIFORNIA                MARKO's project as this independentist CALIFORNIA flag loox so ugly !!!!

                       independentist CASCADIA (mergin US State of Washington + US State of Oregon + CANADA British Columbia)

                       independentist HAWAII

                       independentist LAKOTAH (REPUBLIC OF)

                       independentist NEW ENGLAND (REPUBLIC OF)    (gatherin Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut)

                       independentist NEW HAMPSHIRE

                       independentist PUERTO RICO

                       independentist TEXAS

                       independentist SOUTH   "The South"

                       independentist VERMONT   "Second Vermont Republic" - This flag is also named "Flag of the Green Mountain Boys"

                   [flag picked on SHIT WIKIMERDIA]   Notice stars are displayed in any way up side down & so on but on thoze 2 websites they look PERFECTLY up side up :




USA since 1960

USA after thoze 11 independentist movements have won

                   + 10 EXTRA BONUS FLAGZ :

                       First US naval jack    (3:5)    [I love this flag !]   DONT TREAD ON ME !

                       The THIN BLUE LINE flag.... fuckin cops suckers of shit. Indeed : I realy DO hate cops.   All Cops Are Bastards   -   ACAB VS AFAB, choze your side

                       The THIN RED LINE OF COURAGE flag represents the last ounce firefighters find deep in their blood to save and protect life.   All Firecrew Are Blessed

                       Southern Nationalist Flag   (Southern Nationalist Network)

                       MARKO's project for the Southern Nationalist Flag. Notice the plain white with a blak saltire loox very cute & elegant but my project reminds "Dixieland" flag !!!!

                       Pleaze let's do not forget the CAJUNS !    (Cajun flag of Acadiana redezigned 2:3 by MARKO with no ugly weirdo white edge)    LACHE PAS LA PATATE !!!!

                       The REAL flag was dezigned in 1965 by Thomas ARCENEAUX with an idiot & ugly ratio 5:7 + a white "band" at the hoist.... I prefer mine !

                       Louisiana Creoles since 1987

                       Creole Oak Tree flag (Louisiana and Los Angeles-based Creole Organizations) - I dont know if this flag is still uzed but I DO PREFER it than the 1987 one.... > frenchcreoles.com

                       International Organization of Creole People

                   + MARKO's project for the city of NEW ORLEANS :

                       flag of the city of NEW ORLEANS not so good bikoz the yello lilies are not very vizible on a white flag

                       MARKO's project for NEW ORLEANS mergin the historical banner of arms of the Orléans Dynasty + the Stars & Stripes

                       MARKO's project is also a reminder of the 1781 French Alliance flag.

                       And happy Mardi Gras in New Orleans.... with a failed flag with its name written on it !!!!

                       Sometimes with NO failed flag,

                       sometimes with a much better crown dezign,

                       sometimes with a vertical triband,

                       and sometimes even like that !!!!

                       A very beautiful variant seen on this front house.

                       Another very good & interestin variant hoisted on a flagpole.

                       MARKO's project with French Tricolor pattern & the REAL crown of King Louis 15.

            PS1 : In the CARIBEAN SEA, if thingz were GEOGRAFICAL, LOGICAL & ANTICOLONIAL, then Aruba + Bonaire + Curaçao would belong to VENEZUELA, the Grenadines would belong to GRENADA, Isla Aves would belong to GWADA, Anguilla + St Martin + St Bart would belong to ST KITTS, British Virgin + Yankee Virgin would belong to PUERTO RICO, Turx & Caicos would belong to BAHAMAS, Navassa would belong to HAITI, Cayman would belong to JAMAICA and San Andres Y Providencia would belong to NICARAGUA. But nothin seems to be LOGICAL & ANTICOLONIAL in this world of shit !!!!

          PS2 : The REAL Americans (or NATIVE Americans) very obviously do NOT understand the principle of a flag !!!! A flag shall reprezent a one & single people or nation or country. So, for instance, the SIOUX nation shall have only ONE flag.... but they have at least 13 diferent !!!!!!!!!!!!!    Look : it's just anythin !    We just cant understand NOTHIN among all that stuf !!!!

                    SIOUX                                                                                                     SIOUX Assiniboine                                                                              SIOUX Cheyenne River

                    SIOUX Crow creek                                                                              
SIOUX Flandreau                                                                                 SIOUX Lower Brule

                    SIOUX Mdewakanton                                                                         SIOUX Rosebud                                                                                   
SIOUX Santee

                    SIOUX Sisseton Wahpeton                                                              
SIOUX Standing Rock                                                                        SIOUX United Tribes

                    SIOUX Yankton                                                                                     WHEN will there be only ONE SIOUX FLAG ????
                    ....and SAME question about all other "multiflag" REAL American nations.

                   Watch the brief story of a fuckin genocide here if U wish : www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zadq5dl2G8Q

                    UNLIKE the SIOUX the MAYAS (who are REAL Americans too) have fully understood the principle of the flag :

                    MAYAS from BELIZE                                                                           MAYAS from GUATEMALA

                    MAYAS from HONDURAS                                                                  MAYAS from MEXICO

                   As Peter Vexillographer is a good vexillolog, heres a stuf titled "Rethinking the Flags of Indian Country" > www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcG9k7q_RP8


I M happy 2 B a Frenchie !!!!

            Oh ! Before I forget it : We all know the 50 starz mean the 50 federal States. But very few people know that each star mean a very precize federal State by order of joinin the Union. Look at this :

            As I M 100% for the independence right now of both ALASKA & HAWAII I suggest a NEW dezign for the Starz & Stripes. Look at that !

PS : is that a joke !!!!????

I thought they prefer the Deutsch-Amerikanische Berufsgemeinschaft.

Look here : www.youtube.com/watch?v=inFrt8ANBW4

Notice the cogwheel shall have 14 teeth just like its flag pattern but it has only 12 durin the whole movie !!!!

Deutsche Arbeitsfront

PS : Notice I M NOT Anti Amerikish AT ALL. Indeed : just look at this "kriegspiel" I have made with my lil fingerz !!!!


Here are maybe the 3 killers + the guy behind the murder of John KENNEDY on 22 NOVEMBER 1963. Lyndon maybe was not involved (even if he covered the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel).

                                                                              Lee Harvey OSWALD (1939-63)                 Malcolm WALLACE (1921-71)  Eladio DEL VALLE (1921-67)      Lyndon JOHNSON  (1908-73)

Unless it is the MOSSAD :

Book available on Amazon : www.amazon.com/Final-Judgment-Missing-Assassination-Conspiracy/dp/0974548405

Interestin (but too much short) conference by the author : www.youtube.com/watch?v=2utTWSdq8YY

The assassination of JFK on 22 NOVEMBER 1963 inspired the great Frenchie cineast Henri VERNEUIL who made his film I COMME ICARE in 1979.

In this film we can see this flag :

(Een grote dank aan Mello LUCHTENBERG voor het ontwerpen van de vlag.)