LEBANON    (Lebaneze Republic)    (Al Jumhuriya Al Lubnaniya)    [www.lb]

            slavery unit : fuckin Lebaneze £        tongue : Arab        5851000 idiot monkeys on 10452 km≤

            puke sects : muslim 55%    X 40%    druze 5%

           The ancient Lebanese symbol is the well known cedar which represents happiness & prosperity. From the end of the Great War till its independence the tree was displayed upon a French Tricolor. Red & white are said to stand for purity & the sacrifices of the people. They also probably were the colors of the Lebanese Legion durin WW1. The present pattern was adopted on 7 DECEMBER 1943.

                        or       capital : BEIRUT   Notice it is just IMPOSSIBLE to know WHICH FLAG it is. Creazy, aint it !!??

                1995    (cedar redezigned)    FLAG OF CONVENIENCE OF SHIT

                1943    (independence)

                colonial September 1920   (France - removed from Syria in 1926 to create the Lebanese Republic)

                colonial July 1920   (French Mandate - part of Syria)

                March 1920   (Kingdom of Syria - new flag)

                1918   (Kingdom of Syria)    (Arab Revolt flag created in 1916 by Mark Sykes - I realy like this dezign !)

                colonial 1915    (Mount Lebanon abolished)                          Lebaneze Legion flag in WW1

                +        colonial 1861   (special status of Mount Lebanon within Ottoman Empire)

                colonial 1844    (Banu Shihab Emirate abolished 1842)

                +        colonial 1793

                +        colonial 1698    (Maanid Emirate suxeeded by autonomous Banu Shihab Emirate within Ottoman Empire)

                colonial 1517    (Ottoman Empire)

                1287    (Mameluk Sultanate)

                1187    (Ayubid dynasty founded by Saladin)

                1120-1698    (Maanid Emirate)

                1100-1287    (County of Tripoli)

                750    (Abbassid Califate)

                660   (Umayyad Califate)

                635    (Arab conquest - Rashidun Califate)

                395    (Byzantine Empire)        Basileus Basileon Basileuon Basileusin = king of kings, ruling over kings

                64 BC    (Roman Empire)

                312 BC    (Seleucid Empire)

                333 BC    (Empire of Alexander The Great)    (Macedonian emblem known as Sun Of Virgina - no flag is known to have been used)

                586 BC    (Persia - Achemenid Empire)

                1200 BC    (Phenicia)