slavery unit : €        tongue : Français       3585500 idiot monkeys on 16850 km²

            puke sects : X 70%    pagan 25%    muslim 4%    other 1%

            Waitin for.... I dont know wot !



                1913    (kronology : cf BELGIUM)


                                                                                                                                                                                               5 PROVINCES :

    BRABANT WALLON with a good view ratio 2:3 and also with a triple idiot version with a triple idiot ratio 13:15, helas !!!!!

    HAINAUT                                                                       MARKO's project

    LIEGE                                                                            MARKO's project

    LUXEMBOURG #1                                                      LUXEMBOURG #2

    NAMUR #1                                                                   NAMUR #2                                                                    MARKO's project


                    LIEGE province WRONG shield            LIEGE province RIGHT shield    HOORN county (the horns : always 2; 1)

Disacordin with wot claim idiot people, particularly a poor lunatic sickhead jerk so called heraldist of shit named Arnaud BUNEL (who holds the site "Héraldique européenne") who happened to send me an insultin mail him first, the three horns of LIEGE (HOORN) are displayed ALWAYS 2,1. I tolerate mistakes... nor incompetence neither self conceit like Arnaud BUNEL who can go fuck himself. That's all folx ! Quand j'ai raison on ferme sa gueule. C'est clair, conard ?