IRAK    (Republic of)    (Jumhuriyat Al Irak / Komare Irak)    []

            slavery unit : dinar        tongues : Arab + Kurdish        30400000 idiot monkeys on 438317 km˛

            puke sects : muslim 97%    other 3%


            The pattern dates from the early 1950's & was inspired from the flag of the Arab Revolt used in Egypt in 1952 against Farook's monarchy. Irak's present flag dates from 1963 after the monarchy was overthrown as well in this country. This design triband red/white/black is "the" republican pattern in Arab countries. Durin the Gulf War (the first colonial war led by Bush in 1991) the takbir "allah o akbar" (god is great) was added betwin the green stars. It remained after the second colonial war against Irak led by Bush' son in 2003. The takbir design was shifted on 28 June 2004. The 3 green stars were dropped in 2008. The present pattern was adopted on 22 JANUARY 2008.

     IRAK is a country martyred by the USA.


                                                               MARKO's project

                2008    (starz dropped)                       MARKO's project

                2004    (takbir of shit redezigned)

                fascist & colonial 2003    (USatan)

                1991    (takbir of shit added)

                1963    (Ramadan Revolution led by Baas Party)

                1959   (Iraki Republic - monarky overthrown & Arab Federation dissolved)

                1958   (Arab Federation of Iraq and Jordan)

                1924    (new flag - independence ONLY 1932)    (Two stars as Irak is the second State to emanate from Arabia “mother country” - The first State was Syria on March 1920.)

                1921    (Kingdom of Irak)

                colonial 1918   (UK)

                colonial 1844

                colonial 1793

                colonial 1533   (Ottoman Empire)

                1405    (Timurid dynasty after Timur Leng died in 1405)

                1400    (Empire of Timur Leng)

                1258    (Mongol Empire)

                1065    (Seljukid dynasty)

                934-1062    (independence - Buyid dynasty)                                                                Buyid archer

                750   (Abbassid Califate)

                660   (Umayad Califate)

                632    (Arab conquest - Rashidun Califate)

                225    (Persia - Sassanid Empire)

                247 BC    (Persia - Parthian Empire)

                312 BC    (Seleucid Empire)

                330 BC    (Empire of Alexander The Great)    (Macedonian emblem known as Sun Of Virgina - no flag is known to have been used)

                539 BC    (Persia - Achemenid Empire)

            NOTE #1 :


            On this series of cards made by John Player Cigarettes and dated 1936, the 2 stars are said to stand for the Arabs & the Kurds.

            So I dont know betwin this other explanation and mine added for 1924 on my timeline. I found this first very plausible explanation just here :

            Notice Syria was the "First State" only from March to July 1920. Greater Syria originally included Jordan, the status of "First State" with one star transferred to Transjordan.

            See SYRIA here & JORDAN here.

            NOTE #2 :


            This flag is sometimes seen on certain vexillo websites depicted as "Irak 1920". Yet this flag is 100% WRONG and has NEVER existed.... but it's just too bad as it loox very cute & so elegant !!!!

                                                                                                                                                              + 14 BONUS FLAGZ :

            KURDISTAN flag                                                                                                ARAMEAN people                                                                                             ASSYRIAN people

            CHALDEAN people                                                                                           YAZIDI people                                                                                                     YAZIDI people alternate flag

            TURKMENELI people                                                                                       TURKOMAN NATIONAL CONGRESS   (I love it with the 6 tiny starz !!!!)  SHABAK people

            HASHD AL SHAABI                                                                                          KATAIB HEZBOLLAH / HEZBOLLAH BATALIONS fightin fuckin ISIS     SARAYA AL SALAM / PEACE COMPANIES

            (Kurdish) EMIRATE OF SORAN   (1816-1835)   (putative flag)                                                                                                                                                 KINGDOM OF KURDISTAN   (1922-1924)


Zaha HADID (1950-2016). The worldwide VERY BEST GENIUS futurist architect to me, helas dead.