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            puke sects : X 60%    pagan + other 32%    muslim 8%

            The Bulgar triband is directly based on the flag of Russia. Yet blue has been turned into green for the youthfulness of the 1878 rebirth of the national conscience. White is for peace while red stands for the valor of the people. The comunist coat of arms was added on the white stripe (near the hoist) in 1947 & dropped in 1990. The present pattern was (re)adopted on 27 NOVEMBER 1990.

                                                                 capital : SOFIA

                1990   (3:5)                             
                                                                                                                  naval ensign homage of shit inspired directly from the former Bulgarian fascist naval ensign 1950 itself copied on the former fascist CCCP naval 1950

                                                                                                                                                  MARKO's project for a naval ensign    (ratio 3:5)

                fascist 1971    (3:5)                    (detail)

                fascist 1968    (3:5)                    (detail)

                fascist 1948    (3:5)                    (detail)

                fascist 1947    (3:5)                    (detail)

                +        1944    (ocupied by USSR + flag of Otechestven Front = Fatherland Front - anti nazi struggle organization)

                1879    (autonomy under Ottoman suzerainty 1878 - hoisting of the Bulgarian flag 1879 - independence only 1908)

               1877    (Russian ocupation)

                colonial 1844

                colonial 1793

                colonial 1517

                colonial 1500

                colonial 1453

                colonial 1395    (Ottoman Empire)

                1371    (Death of Tsar Ivan Alexander, lands divided into 3. Flag of Ivan SHISHMAN, ruler from Tarnavo. The kind of weird "W" is not a "W" but the Cyrilic letter "SH" for SHISHMAN.)

                1185    (Second Bulgarian Empire - probably no flag)

                1018    (Byzantine Empire)

                681    (First Bulgarian Empire)    (source = WikiMERDIA in Historical flags of Bulgaria - very highly dubious & putative banner - probably no flag)

                635    (Old Great Bulgaria)    (very highly dubious & putative banner - probably no flag)

                395    (Byzantine Empire)        Basileus Basileon Basileuon Basileusin = king of kings, ruling over kings

                46    (Roman Empire)

                343 BC    (Kingdom of Filip Of Macedonia)    (Macedonian emblem known as Sun Of Virgina - no flag is known to have been used)

                480 BC    (Odrysian Kingdom under King Teres 1)

                516 BC    (Persia - Achemenid Empire)


            NOTE #1 : Old Great Bulgaria and First Bulgarian Empire :

                635    (Old Great Bulgaria)

                The dezign loox too much like Adolf Hitler standard !!!!   

                Maybe this is DeviantArt or Reddit or Alternate History rave ????

           Probably no flag has existed.  Impossible to find any source that supports any flag for 635 or 681. The use of a lion passant to represent Bulgaria has its first documented usage in 1595 (and even then possibly invented arms).

            The IYI emblem is claimed to be associated with the Dulo clan of the Old Great Bulgaria State and First Bulgarian Empire. Even if the emblem is associated with the early rulers, there is no reason to assume it was used on a flag in this period.

                flag of the Bulgarian National Alliance

                According to the BNS website - www.bgns.net - the symbol is defined as: "On top of the tricolour we have embroidered the sign of the clan Dulo - a symbol of the khans that created Old Great Bulgaria, the present and Bulgaria-upon-Volga kingdoms."

            NOTE #2 : "Le Rey De Bugrie" :

                1295 ????

           King Smilets reigned 1292-1298 during the period of the Second Bulgarian Empire, and the prior King was George Terter 1 who reigned 1280-1292. However, Bulgaria was a vassal State of the Mongols 1285-1300, and he sought refuge in the Byzantine Empire in 1292. The arms may be correct near the time of the Lord Marshall’s Roll, but they are not the same colours as currently and were possibly personal arms of the King and unlikely to have been used as a flag. The Roll is a 1640 facsimile of the original roll dated circa 1275 and was an English document with 697 painted shields. One heraldry comment is “The roll contains many errors, especially amongst the foreign coats at the end”.

            The arms on the roll have no similarity to the traditional shape of the Bulgarian lion, though Brian Timm’s explanation of the roll uses a drawing that is the same shape as the Bulgarian lion, even though it bears no similarity to what appears on the Roll itself. The description uses “Le Rey De Bugrie”, which I could find no other source using this name to refer to Bulgaria.

            NOTE #3 : The 1371 flag of Ivan SHISHMAN is visible on this portulan made by Guillem Soler in 1380 :

                1371 flag of Ivan SHISHMAN                    detail of the portulan made by Guillem Soler in 1380

            NOTE #4 : Evolution of the lion as the emblem of Bulgaria for the period 1371 till 1595 :

                &the second was found here : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Coat_of_Arms_of_Bulgaria_during_the_reign_of_Tsar_Ivan_Shishman.png

            The WikiMERDIA contributor (on 13 September 2007) states that his drawing is the coat of arms of Bulgaria during the reign of Tsar Ivan Shishman (1371-1395) "with the image based on the original miniature from the end of 14th Century, depicted by an anonymous Arab traveller”. However, we know from the portulan made by Guillem Soler in 1380 that there was a different flag associated with Ivan Shishman. The contributor is named as Dimitar Navorski, who also used the name “GriefForTheSouth” and appears to have left Wikimedia in May 2008.

The first image is described as the shield of the Bulgarian Royal Guards, travel notes by an anonymous Arab traveller, the end of the 14th Century. The only RIGHT shield is golden with 3 BLACK LIONS as follows :

                &       Shield of Constantine II who claimed the title of Emperor of Bulgaria (reigning in Vidin but mostly based in Hungary from 1396)

            The reversed colors match with the shield of Fruzhin (son of Tsar Ivan Shishman and also cousin of Constantine II) who also claimed the title of Tsar of Bulgaria (mostly based in Hungary from 1393).

                Hubert Herald includes an image showing the arms for the two cousins, though he indicates that these were probably only used in the royal courts of Hungary, rather than in Bulgaria. Constantine II’s arms were gold with three black lions guardant, and Fruzhin’s arms had the colors reversed. The lions point towards the observer’s right, whilst other examples point to the observer’s left (and this is the heraldically correct way). This picture is visible here : www.hubert-herald.nl/Bulgaria1.htm

The black lions on gold arms were personal to Tsar Constantine II and probably did not get used in Bulgaria itself. These arms do not support the design of any flag for the Second Bulgarian Empire, even in its late stages prior to Ottoman rule.

So, yes this particular Wikimedia image is bullshit.  Not certain but the WikiMERDIA contributor appears to be Macedonian, and possibly changed the color of the lions from black to red to improve the consistency of the Macedonia claims to historical use of red and yellow as national colors of Macedonia and Bulgaria.

            NOTE #5 : Evolution of the lion as the emblem of Bulgaria from 1595 :

                1595 certified                    1675 certified (Fojnica Roll of Arms)                     1701 certified

            A coin is also attributed to Ivan SHISHMAN, and Hubert Herald notes that it showed a lion rampant, and this was a badge of rank as an Ottoman vassal, which SHISHMAN had accepted in 1373. Hubert Herald speculates that this may have been the prototype for the Bulgarian Lion of the end of the 16° Century. SHISHMAN died in 1395.

            WikiMERDIA show the first picture dated 1340 "from the Fojnica roll" here (but that date 1340 is EXTREMELY DUBIOUS) : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coat_of_arms_of_Bulgaria

            NOTE #6 : About the coat of arms of SOFIA capital city :

                1900 very first dezign by Haralampi TACHEV - Notice the central smaller shield SHALL BE RED.

                1928 shifted oficialy by addin a scroll bearin the city motto "расте но не старѣе" that means "Ever Growing, Never Aging" - Notice the central smaller shield SHALL BE RED.

                Another one still with the shield IN RED. Found here > www.lifebites.bg/sofia-gerb-izlojenie

                One still IN RED. Found here > www.dnevnik.bg/bulgaria/2012/09/26/1913845_fandukova_predlaga_gerbut_na_sofiia_da_se_postavia_i

                Still IN RED. Found here > bazar.bg/obiava-13743839/tsarski-znak-gerb-na-sofiia-milosheva-original-ot-kolektsiia

                So WHY do WikiMERDIA color it in VIOLET ???? Found here > en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coat_of_arms_of_Sofia

                Even another variant with an orange lion on a yello shield in WikiMERDIA's German edition !!!! Found here > commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wappen_von_Sofia_in_der_Metro_IMG_1721.jpg

            Notice the dezign of WikiMERDIA's lion does NOT look like a lion at all but like some kind of pitiful flayed cat !!!!

                Notice I added this section JULY 2018. WikiMERDIA recolored their shield OCTOBER 2018 !!!!


            MARKO's project for SOFIA with colors as close as possible to the original dezign from 1900 by Haralampi TACHEV. Notice I preferred to chose light blue for the sky insted of some sad dirty grey !!!!   (flag ratio 3:5)

                                                                                                                                                                                        + 3 BONUS FLAGZ :

                1868   (Bulgarian nationalist flag - the motto says SLOBODA ILI SMURT = FREEDOM OR DEATH)

                1868 ???? Hmmm !!!! Seems to be 1875 insted. I just dont know....

                1876   (Bulgarian nationalist flag - April Uprising of 1876 - NA ORUJIYA MILI BRATIYA = TAKE UP ARMS DEAR BROTHERS - seems to be blak not green)

                1877   (Bulgarian nationalist flag durin the Russian ocupation)