AUSTRIA    (Republic of)    (Republik Österreich)    []

            slavery unit : €        tongue : Deutsch (German)        8217000 idiot monkeys on 83858 km²

            puke sects : X 68%    pagan + other 25%    muslim 7%

            Accordin to the legend, Leopold 5 von Babenberg fought at the battle of Acre (Akko, Israel) in 1191 durin the 3° crusade. After the combat, his white tunic was spattered with blood except at the place of his sword belt so as he was bearin "3 stripes" red-white-red. That would explain how Austria's flag bore. But it's only a legend. The right explanation is that Friedrich 2 von Babenberg adopted it only in 1230 in order to "piss off" the Germanic Emperor. Good guy Friedrich !!! Durin the Habsburg period the flag was adorned with a double headed black eagle. When the Austrian Empire collapsed in 1918 one of both heads (standin for Hungary) was cut off. From 1938 up to 1945 the flag was forbidden by the nazis. The present pattern was (re)adopted on 1 MAY 1945.

                                                                                                  capital : WIEN

                1945                                                                         state flag

                +        +        +        1945-1955   (administrated by the 4 main winner countries but allowed to display its own flag)

                +        fascist & colonial 1938    (Third Reich)    (3:5)

                1934   (Federal State of Austria)

                1919   (Republic of Austria)

                1918   (Republic of German Austria)

                +        1867   (Austria-Hungary)   (national flag + Cisleithania Landesfarben flag)

                1804   (Austria's flag as a State of the German Confederation)

                +        1526    (Habsburg dynasty)    (NB : second flag ONLY imperial standard)


                1282    (Habsburg dynasty established with Rudolf 1 of Germany)

                1230    (Friedrich 2 Von Babenberg - Duchy of Austria within the Holy Roman Empire)

                976    (Leopold 1 Von Babenberg, Margrave of Austria)

                962    (First Reich)

                843   (East Francia - Kingdom of Louis The German)

                800    (Carolus Magnus empire)

                496    (Frankish Empire)    [banner ONLY putative and VERY PROBABLY NOT existin in 496]

                colonial 100    (Roman Empire)

                1000 BC    (Celts + Celto-Germans)

This flag is displayed everywhere as "Empire of Austria-Hungary compromise flag (SIC) from 1867 till 1918" but this flag is DEFINITELY NOT that !!!!

This very flag was the civil ensign of Austria-Hungary from 1869 (not 1867) till 1918.

A civil ensign is a peculiar flag used on merchant (civil) ships and personal (civil) pleasure boats.

A civil ensign SHALL AND MUST NOT be confused with a civil flag on land.

This is the Austrian imperial standard :

The main colors of this imperial standard gave the flag below (which is named Landesfarben) used since 1526 as co-imperial standard and since 1804 as Landesfarben banner within the German Confederation :

So the Austrian flag SHALL be this blak & yello Landesfarben flag and DEFINITELY NOT the so called "compromise flag" (SIC !!!) that has NEVER been a compromise flag but a civil ensign from 1869 till 1918.

The Austrian flag SHALL be DEFINITELY this blak & yello Landesfarben flag as you can check it out on the followin old postcards :







                                                                                                                                                                                        9 LÄNDER :

            BURGENLAND                                                                                                                 KÄRNTEN                                                                                                                       NIEDERÖSTERREICH

            OBERÖSTERREICH                                                                                                       SALZBURG                                                                                                                     STEIERMARK

            TIROL                                                                                                                                 VORARLBERG                                                                                                               WIEN