vatican    (state of the vatican city)    (stato della citta del vaticano)    []

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                1929    (papal state restored)

                1870    (Italy)

                July 1849    (papal state restored)

                May 1849    (2° Roman Republic - 2° flag)

                February 1849    (2° Roman Republic - 1° flag)


                1815    (papal state restored)

                1808    (France)


                1799    (papal state restored)

                1798   (1° Roman Republic)

                1797    (Anconine Republic / Repubblica Anconitana)


                1450                                                                    (1550 naval ensign)

                1316    (Note : the papal state was removed from Roma and relocated in Avignon, France, betwin 1309 and 1379.)                   1316 warflag



                754   (creation of a temporal papal state for the popes of the roman catholic church)

                                                                                                                                                                                          + 2 BONUS FLAGZ :

                 Swiss Guard since 2015

             The Swiss Guard has a very complicated habbit. On their banner they change BOTH the coat of arms of the pope in the first canton AND the coat of arms of the Commander of the Pontifical Swiss Guard in the center. On the contrary, the fourth canton stil remains the same, alwayz adorned with the coat of arms of pope Julius 2 who established the Swiss Guard in 1506. Here the first canton bears Pope Francis arms while the center is adorned with the personal arms of Christoph GRAF, Commander of the Pontifical Swiss Guard since 7 February 2015. The 5 horizontal stripes of blue, yello & red stand for the Guard's ceremonial uniforms, after Della Rovere and Medici arms.

                 MARKO's project for a single, unic & perpetual banner of the Swiss Guard with a perfect square banner and a larger white cross


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Poor & sick Joan Of Arc interrogated in her jail                        Poor lil girl before a puke fuckin sect's crew of sickhead assholes dressed up as old slacked drag queens.
by shithead cardinal of Winchester Henry BEAUFORT.
(Painting Paul DELAROCHE 1824.)