ZIMBABWE    (Republic of)    (Nyika Ye Zimbabwe / Riphabliki Ye Zimbabwe)    [www.zw]

            slavery units : fuckin U$ + rand + pula + fuckin £ + fuckin € + Indian Rupee + fuckin Aussie $ + yuan + yen

            slavery tongue : English        tongues : Shona + Ndebele + Chewa + Chibarwe + Kalanga + Nambya + Ndau + Shangani + Sotho + Tonga + Tswana + Venda + Khosa + Khoisan + sign language

            13061000 idiot monkeys on 390245 km²

            puke sects : X 80%    pagan + other 20%

            (NB : Colonial frontieres of shit in the whole AFRIKA since the 1885 Conference of Berlin of shit.)

            The seven stripes come from the ZANU liberation movement (Zimbabwe African National Union) that led the Blax to rule their own country (but that is gettin more & more fascist nowadays). ZANU's flag is made of four concentric rectangles in the same order of colors. Green is for agriculture; yello the mineral resource; red is for struggle & freedom while black is for the people. The white triangle symbolizes peace. The bird is an old traditional emblem found in the ancient city of Zimbabwe. The word ZIMBABWE means "House of stone" or "Fortress" in Shona. The present pattern was adopted on 18 APRIL 1980.

                                                                          capital : HARARE
                                        Fuckin red star comunist look....                                                        but Marko dont like comunists !!!!

                1980    (Zimbabwe - REAL independence at last !!!!)

                December 1979    (back to a status of British Colony - UK)    (Union Jack OFICIALY flown but "June flag" continued to fly in uze.)

                June 1979   (Zimbabwe-Rhodesia - independence claimed but not acknoledged)

                1968    (independence of nazi Republic of Rhodesia claimed in 1970 but not acknoledged)

                colonial 1964    (Federation dissolved / independence of nazi South Rhodesia claimed in 1965 but not acknoledged)

                colonial 1953   (Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland - UK)

                colonial 1923   (Colony of Southern Rhodesia - UK)

                colonial 1891   (British protectorate over Mashonaland and Matabeleland)    (British South African Company - UK)


                                                                                                                                                                       + 7 BONUS FLAGZ :

            ZANU PF political party                                                                                            ZAPU political party                                                                                Movement for Democratic Change

            MATEBELELAND Mthwakazi Liberation Front first flag                                     MATEBELELAND Mthwakazi Liberation Front second flag             AUTONOMOUS MATABELELAND flag project ?

            MARKO's project
for ZIMBABWE.... as I dont like comunists !!                          MARKO's project mergin both BOTSWANA & ZIMBABWE into a new State named ZIMBWANA.... Let's rave !!!! - But is it a rave ????

                A UNITED Zimbwana both to fix Mugabe's shit and....

                ....insted of goin on partitionin Zimbabwe into Matabele-land or Mashona-land or X-land or Y-land. Maybe a better choice with ZIMBWANA ????