YEMEN    (Republic of)    (Al Jumhuriya Al Yamaniya)    []

            slavery unit : rial        tongue : Arab        24143500 idiot monkeys on 537968 kmē

            puke sects : muslim 100%

            The two former flagz of the two former Yemen were merged into a one single dezign when the unification of the country was achieved in 1990 (the same year as Germany). Both former flagz + the present one were inspired from this of the Arab Revolution of 1952 in Egypt, just like Irak & Syria. The present pattern was adopted on 22 MAY 1990.

Long live UNITED Yemen !!!!


    (I find it a lil bit kitsch !)            (MARKO's project)

                1990   (unification)                                               naval ensign

            NORTH YEMEN :

                November 1962   (Yemen Arab Republic)

                September 1962   (Yemen Arab Republic)

                1927   (Mutawakilite Kingdom of Yemen)   (the scimitar = the defense of the independence / the 5 stars = the 5 koranic precepts : shahada, salat, zakat, ramadan and hadj)

                1923   (Mutawakilite Kingdom of Yemen)

                1918   (independence - Mutawakilite Kingdom of Yemen)

                colonial 1844

                colonial 1793

                colonial 1538    (Ottoman Empire)

                628   (Arab conquest)

                527    (Byzantine Empire)        Basileus Basileon Basileuon Basileusin = king of kings, ruling over kings

                110 BC    (Himyarite Kingdom)

            SOUTH YEMEN :

                1967    (independence - Federation Of South Arabia and Protectorate Of South Arabia dissolved)

                1962-1967   (Federation Of South Arabia)  and      1963-1967   (Protectorate Of South Arabia - UK)

                1869-1963    (Aden Protectorate)    (NOTICE Aden Protectorate MUST NOT be confuzed with Colony of Aden thou it had THE SAME flag from 1937 to 1963 !!!!)


                colonial 1963-1967   (Colony of Aden turned into State of Aden and merged within the Federation Of South Arabia under British rule)

                colonial 1937   (Aden Province turned into Colony of Aden / new status apart from the British Indian Empire - UK)

                colonial 1932   (Aden Settlement turned into Aden Province itself a province of the British Indian Empire - UK)

                colonial 1839   (Aden Settlement - UK)

            FEDERATION OF ARAB EMIRATES OF THE SOUTH   (1959-1962), then FEDERATION OF SOUTH ARABIA   (1962-1967) :

                1959-1962 - Federation Of Arab Emirates Of The South (It existed only on paper with an agreed constitution. No proper flag.)

                1962-1967 - Federation Of South Arabia made of the 17 followin States :

                State of Aden    (1963-1967)

                Lower Awlaki Sultanate    (1700's-1967)

                Emirate of Beihan    (1600's-1967)

                Emirate of Dhala    (1400's-1967)

                Fadli Sultanate    (1400's-1967)

                Sultanate of Lahej    (1728-1967)

                Wahidi Sultanate    (1640-1967)

                Sultanate of Lower Yafa    (1800's-1967)

                Akrabi Sheikhdom, Alawi Sheikhdom, Awdhali Sultanate, (Upper) Awlaki Sultanate, (Upper) Awlaki Sheikhdom, Dathina Sheikhdom, Hawshabi Sultanate of Musaymir, Maflahi Sheikhdom and Shaib Sheikhdom

            Notice this very list of 17 States is EXTREMELY RELIABLE. I say it as I saw some lists with mistakes on several sites.

            PROTECTORATE OF SOUTH ARABIA   (1963-1967) :

                1963-1967 - Protectorate Of South Arabia made of the 4 followin States :

                Kathiri State of Seiyun in Hadhramawt    (1400's-1967)    (Notice we dont know wot the 3 stars might represent exactly.)

                Mahra Sultanate of Qishn and Socotra    (1700's-1967)

                Qu'aiti State in Hadhramawt    (1858-1967)    (The 3 towers represent the 3 principal cities : Al Mukalla, Shibam, Ash Shir)

                State of Upper Yafa    (1800's-1967)


I found this very map just right here : and I must say this map is 10000% cleaner than thoze of WikiMERDIA about the same topic.... even if ECFR is a piece of shit.

                                                                                                                                             + 4 GOVERNORATES FLAG PROJECTS INSPIRED FROM THE FORMER STATES :

            project for ADEN mergin State of Aden & Fed. of South Arabia   project for HADHRAMAWT mergin Kathiri & Qu'aiti                     project for LAHEJ                                                                                 project for MAHRA

                                                                                                                                                                          + 3 MALUS EXTRA FLAGZ :

            AL KAEDA IN ARABIAN PENINSULA    (god suckerz of shit)                                    ANSAR ASH SHARIA   (god suckerz of shit)                                                                 SOUTHERN MOVEMENT   (separatists of shit)

                                                                                                                                                                                + 1 PECULIAR CASE :

            islamic clan of the HOUTHIS    (god suckerz of shit)    (NB : The text on the Houthi flag means "God is Great, Death to America, Death to Israel, Damn the Jews, Victory to Islam".... wot an interestin fuckin program of shit !!!!)

            But as THEY ARE THE RESISTANCE (certainly the most important among all resistant movements) in Yemen against Satani Arabia (that genocides the people of Yemen), I will forget they are god suckerz of shit !!!!

                MARKO's propozal for a new HOUTHI flag, inspired from the flag of the        ASIR REGIONAL MOVEMENT in SATANI ARABIA.

            To me, a good thing would be to enhance YEMEN beyond the northern Satani border, in order to merge YEMEN with ASIR + BAHAH + JIZAN + the extreme south of MAKKAH.

It's just too bad REcreatin the partition of YEMEN as before 1990 unification....

It's just too bad Shia and Sunna cant stick together !!!!