ESWATINI    (Kingdom of)    (Umbuso We Swatini)    []

            slavery unit : lilangeni        slavery tongue : English        tongue : Swazi        1100000 idiot monkeys on 17363 kmē

            puke sects : X 88%    islam 10%    pagan + other 2%

            (NB : Colonial frontieres of shit in the whole AFRIKA since the 1885 Conference of Berlin of shit.)

            The basis of the flag is this of the Swazi Pioneer Corps that served within the British Army durin WW2 & dates from 1941. A new dezign was created on 25 April 1967 & shifted a lil bit in order to get this version six months later, a short time before the independence. The present pattern was adopted on 30 OCTOBER 1967.

                                                                            capital : MBABANE

                2011    (flag redezigned - yello spears & fightin stick turned into white, blue tassels turned into blak and a brown guard added on the fightin stick + light blue bands)

                1967    (autonomy - independence only 1968)

                colonial 1902   (British protectorate - UK)

                colonial 1895    (Transvaal protectorate - Swazieland)

                colonial 1890    (joint British-Transvaal protectorate)

                colonial 1881    (British protectorate - UK)


The mess around the right shade of blue & red for the bands of the flag + the dezign of the tassels on the arms is 10000 times creazier than the same masturbation for TANZANIA's blue. It's just CREAZY for ESWATINI !!!! See :

    #1 Flag displayed in 2019 on the ESWATINI government website here >   Detail here >

    #2 Flag at the 2012 London Olympic Games (blue Pantone 638 or PMS 638). It seems this change occurred in JULY 2011 but with no official announcement.

    #3 Flag in Ralph KELLY's own database (a lighter shade of blue for the tassels, and a mid shade of blue for the bands). Ralphie sent it to me very kindly.

#4 Roberto BRESCHI does exactly the same way but with AWFUL gif colors of shit >

#5 Mello LUCHTENBERG displays the 2012 London Olympic Games but with tassels dezigned as Ralph KELLY, WikiMERDIA & me BUT Mello's tassels are GREY (not BLUE) !!!! >

#6 Brendan HENNESSY copied Mello LUCHTENBERG with the GREY tassels.... BUT with another shade of blue for the bands !!!! >

#7 Ben CAHOON & SHITFOTW display together the same flag which is a mixture of the 2012 London Olympic Games Pantone 638 blue shade and the tassels traditional 1967 dezign !!!!

Ben CAHOON >               SHITFOTW >

    #8 This is the flag displayed both by WikiMERDIA & me as it's the definitely closest to the original flag dezign hoisted in 1967. Wiki's here >

    This VERY 1967 DEZIGN is visible right here displayed by a crowd in.... JULY 2018 !!!!


    Flags and anthems manual London 2012. It's the London Olympic Manual published in 2012 by London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games.

    First drawing from Ralph KELLY. It's a PDF from the book above, page 119, blue specified as PMS 638. Notice the central band loox very "pink raspberry".

    This is the second drawing sent to me by Ralph KELLY : the big central band loox very "pink raspberry" too. It's a flag of his own.

I put my nose in what I call "THE BIBLE". To me, THE BIBLE is the book written in 1975 by Whitney SMITH. I got one copy (French version) from 1975. This book is absolutely beautiful. I never saw again a book of such a quality. It's just extraordinary. That's why I call Whitney SMITH's book THE BIBLE. It REALY diserves this nickname !

    The original Bible was printed in English and titled FLAGS THROUGH THE AGES AND ACROSS THE WORLD.


It's very hard to see which color it is exactly. To me it's not raspberry but red-brown with only ONE shade of blue BOTH for the bands & the tassels.

It is hard to see the right shade on those scans but I just can NOT imagine seriously the oficial flag of a country displaying "pink raspberry" color !!!!

So, to me, the correct stuf shall be WikiMERDIA's flag for 1967 + the London Olympic Manual's for 2011 but with its weird raspberry color turned into the same red-brown as 1967. Finaly it's not complicated at all !!!! It is that :

    2011 red-brown insted of "pink raspberry"

Notice I prefer NOT to ad a 2019 version for the followin reason : it's just nothin else than the 2011 version and it's oddly (& uglily !!) dezigned with a "photo" style insted of a good old flag drawing. This "photo style" is just shit !!

    1967   >       2011   YES

    1967   >       2011   NO
Scaring shithead of a fuckin dinosaure, aint it !!??

A FEW ZULU VOCABULARY very kindly provided by Ralph KELLY : Both spears are ASSEGAI, the fightin stick is an UMGOBO, the 3 tassels are TINJOBO made with feathers of ISAKABULI (long-tailed widowbird).

Things would have been simple & logical if the 1967 blue tassels (feathers of LIGWALALA or Lourie or Purple-crested Turaco) were replaced with the 2011 blak tassels (ISAKABULI or Long-tailed Widowbird).... but things do NOT seem being that way !!!! Indeed : this is not the case because all references before and after 2011 refer to the two birds. About the CHANGE of the dezign of the "1967 feathers" toward the "2011 feathers" theres only a supposition : maybe the original dezign from 1941 (Swazi Pioneer Corps) was lookin like the "2011 feathers" but it was REmade by the College of Arms in London in 1967 to convert them to a more heraldic appearance. And maybe King Mswati 3 decided to take back the original dezign. So the mystery still goes on. An enormous thank toward Ralph KELLY for his so huge help about birds !