SWORD OF DAMOCLES   (Marko / Marko - textes écrits en Nouvo Français)

Chanson[g] sur la marée noire provoquée par le naufrage du pétrolier "ERIKA" en Décembre 1999


U can get lured by 1000 kinds of temptations

Strongly attracted by somethin glowin

But remember not 2 forget your confession

Cos the steel blade is just over U !

Over yous head a hidden punishment

Waitin 4 your takin the wrong track

U slip on the pavement

Then U might stop livin !



Like electrik magpie U go & grab the jewels

U R too weak 2 resist - U R mastered by your thurst

Of possessin a good suggested by lust

U dont C the Sword of Damocles !

U can B lured by 1000 kinds of temptations

U might get lost by somethin glowin

U R trackin & trackin again

On a wrong path till U get pain !



So we wont come by chance any+ !

E bro an dud dall awalch kaout peul lagad evit bazañ roue

Forzh petra  forzh pelech forzh penaos

Echu ar friko !