SAN MARINO    (Republic of)    (Repubblica di San Marino)    []

            slavery unit : €        tongue : Italiano        32000 idiot monkeys on 60 km˛

            puke sects : X 97%      pagan + other 3%

            The colors represent the snowy mountains & the blue sky, very often with the coat of arms which bears three mounts (Il Monte Titano) supportin three towers with three feathers over them. It means the country is able to defend itself (!). The crown is not here any symbol of monarky but of sovereignty, while the lower scroll bears the motto "Libertas" which means "Freedom" in Latin. The present pattern was adopted by 1797 but the coat of arms dates only from 6 APRIL 1862. It was redezigned on 22 JULY 2011.

                                                                                                               capital : SAN MARINO

                2011   (coat of arms + shade of blue redezigned)    (idiot ugly stocky ratio 3:4 instead of 2:3)                           civil flag

                October 1944   (sovereignty recovered)    (idiot ugly stocky ratio 3:4 instead of 2:3)

                September 1944   (ocupied by British troops)

                fascist & colonial August 1944   (Germany)

                1862    (independence recognized by Italia - coat of arms added)    (idiot ugly stocky ratio 3:4 instead of 2:3)

                1815   (independence recognized at the Congress of Vienna by France and other European countries EXCEPT Italia)    (idiot ugly stocky ratio 3:4 instead of 2:3)

                +        colonial 1797   (French protectorate ruled by Napoleon)    (idiot ugly stocky ratio 3:4 instead of 2:3)

                colonial 1625   (anexed to the papal state)

                colonial 1503   (under the protection of Duchy of Urbino)


                300    (independence - recognized by Papal State in 1291)

                509 BC    (Roman Republic founded - Roman Republic replaced by Roman Empire in 27 BC)

                753 BC    (Creation of the Roman monarky - any flag ????)

                775 BC    (Greeks)

                             900 BC    (Etruscans)

                                                                                                                                                                9 CASTELLI :

NB : A flag with a NAME written on it is a FAILURE, of course. Otherwize no need to dezign any flag : just take a white dish towel & write the name of your country on it !!!!

            ACQUAVIVA failed flag                                                                             BORGO MAGGIORE failed flag                                                                  CHIESANUOVA failed flag

            DOMAGNANO failed flag                                                                          FAETANO failed flag                                                                                    FIORENTINO failed flag

            MONTEGIARDINO failed flag                                                                  SAN MARINO failed flag                                                                              SERRAVALLE failed flag