SLOVENIA    (Republic of)    (Republika Slovenija)    []

            slavery unit : €        tongue : Slovenian        2000000 idiot monkeys on 20256 km˛

            puke sects : X 78%    pagan 18%    muslim 4%

            The flag of Russia again (!) displayin the Slav colors with the Slovenian arms (instead of a central red star) since the country became independent from Yugoslavia. Slovenia was the first republic that left the federation, soon imitated by the others. The shield bears the Triglav which is the main mountain of the country. The two wavy lines stand for the Adriatic. This pattern was adopted on 27 JUNE 1991.

           (Thou it was a comunist country of shit I must say I regret Yugoslavia.... I M a Yugostalgic Frenchie !)

                                                                                                                   capital : LJUBLJANA


            NB : Unlike Jos POELS (from the shit site SHIT FOTW) may say, there is absolutely NO so called "1:2 tradition" in the Balkans except in Croatia since 1848.

                1991    (comunist ratio of shit)      civil & state ensign (and MARKO's project - ratio 2:3)

                fascist 1946    (Yugoslavia)          SOCIALIST FEDERAL REPUBLIC of YUGOSLAVIA (1946-1992)

                fascist 1943    (Germany takes over the Italian area)

                +        both fascists 1941   (anexed & split betwin Germany + Italy)

                December 1918   (Yugoslavia)    (no so called 1:2 tradition !!)

                July 1918   (Yugoslavia - never adopted propozal)    (no so called 1:2 tradition !)

                colonial 1813   (Austria)                                                      1848    (Slavic / Slovene revolutionary movement)

                colonial 1809    (France)

                1804   (Empire of Austria created - The House of Hasburg becomes the House of Hasburg-Lothringen)

                1440   (Friedrich 5 von Habsburg not crowned Emperor before 1452 but 1440 was the start of Habsburg rule over Holy Roman Empire - Habsburg Heiliges Reich)

                1298    (Albert 1 of Habsburg King of Germany - Thou being a Habsburg he adopted the Babenberg red-white-red as arms of Austria.)

                1136   (Leopold 4 von Babenberg, Margrave of Austria / margraves of Austria upshifted dukes of Austria from 1156)

                976    (Leopold 1 Von Babenberg, Margrave of Austria)                         1130    (banner of the Counts of Celje)

                962    (First Reich - Otto 1 first emperor of the Heiliges Reich)

            +        907    (Hungary)

                800    (Carolus Magnus Empire)

                745    (Duchy of Bavaria)

                658    (Carinthia)

                631    (Slavic Kingdom of Samo)

                100 BC    (Roman Empire)

                1000 BC    (Celts)

                                                                                                                                                                                + 7 BONUS FLAGZ :

                1941-1944   (Osvobodilna Fronta / Liberation Front of the Slovene Nation, turned into SNOS Slovenski Narodnoosvobodilni Svet / Slovenian National Liberation Council 1944-1946)

                1941-1945   (Slovene Partisans - armed wing of the Osvobodilna Fronta)

                1990 flag project dezigned by MLADINA    (I like it bikoz it loox like NAURU's flag !!!!)

                1990 flag project never adopted    (Loox realy very cute !!!!)

                1990 flag project by Heraldica Slovenica    (I like it bikoz it's realy a good dezign !!)

                1990 flag project by Heraldica Slovenica    (I dont like it bikoz it's realy a bad dezign !!)


    These emblems are replicas but should be reliable. The crescent is red & white, not red & yello.

shield #1 = Gorenjsko Domobranstvo / Upper Carniola Home Guard

central oval = badge put on caps & side caps of the Slovensko Domobranstvo / Slovene Home Guard

shield #2 with the galley = Slovene Coastal Home Guard

shield #3 = Slovensko Domobranstvo / Slovene Home Guard


After havin checked it up here & there, my conclusion is the red & yello crescent is just AN ERROR. We can see the same stuf with Moravia's eagle that shall be checkered red & white but is very often seen checkered red & yello :


On this chart dezigned by the French heraldist Pierre DERVEAUX showin 100 European Blasons of Europe in 1519, the crescent on the azure eagle of Carniola is RED & WHITE. And it's NOT a crescent but a REAL kleestengel :

Aleksander HRIBOVŠEK from Heraldica Slovenica tells us the Slovenes used white-blue-red for themselves, without the added symbol, which is the historic national flag of 1848.

Aleksander HRIBOVŠEK from Heraldica Slovenica tells us in principle the Slovensko Domobranstvo / Slovene Home Guard used the usual white-blue-red flag (see helmets), and here and there the flag with the Carniola eagle.

Aleksander HRIBOVŠEK tells us also the shape of the eagle varies. He tells us more : the Slovensko Domobranstvo flag was then also used by the Ljubljana Provincial Administration as an independent symbol.

    Lookin at this Pinterest picture, the Slovensko Domobranstvo flag seems to display a blak eagle....  I'll let you judge !!! Anyway, lookin at the Pinterest picture, the ratio SHALL BE very obviously 1:2 but certainly not 3:5. Yet I wonder if this Pinterest picture is so reliable....

So, if I get it well, we should find that :

    and also       and also       a lil bit like on this REAL foto :

    after a REAL foto taken in WW2
Foto found here >
Notice "my" design is not exactly as on the foto but I tried my best !!!

    WikiMERDIA's SD flag - right blue eagle but wrong crescent & wrong ratio 3:5 !!!
    SHIT FOTW's SD flag -  wrong blak eagle but right crescent & wrong ratio 3:5 !!!

    Ljubljanska Pokrajina / Province of Ljubljana

Ljubljanska Pokrajina seems to have been some kind of "independent" country (thou the situation is not clear at all) with its own stamps & even its own money with lire & cents :

    Ljubljanska Pokrajina / Provinz Laibach says the watermark on the stamp