NEPAL    (Federal Democratic Republic of)    (Sanghiya Loktantrik Ganatantra Nepal)    []

            slavery unit : rupee        tongue : nepali        26494500 idiot monkeys on 147181 kmē

            puke sects : hindu 81%    budist 9%    muslim 5%      kirat veda 3%      X + other 2%

            The peculiar shape of this flag is due to the original royal pennant uzed since 1768. In 1856 a second lower triangular pennant was added to embody the role of the prime minister in a one & single flag. The moon (top) & the sun (below) were bearin human features that were dropped in 1962. Crimson is the national color of the Nepaleze people while red & blue are often seen in Nepaleze art. The moon & the sun symbolize the hope that the country will exist as long as these two stars do. The present pattern was adopted on 16 DECEMBER 1962.

                                                                        capital : KATMANDU


                1930's   (Notice theres NO blue fimbriation at the hoist)

                1856   (A royal decree formaly recognized the division of power betwin the king and the prime minister. So a second flame is added for the prime minister.)

                1768   (First unification of Kingdom of Nepal with Prithivi Narayan Shah Deva)


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