MALAWI    (Republic of)    (Chalo Cha Malawi)    []

            slavery unit : kwacha        slavery tongue : English        tongue : Chichewa        15879000 idiot monkeys on 118484 kmē

            puke sects : X 75%    muslim 20%    pagan 5%

            (NB : Colonial frontieres of shit in the whole AFRIKA since the 1885 Conference of Berlin of shit.)

            The basis is the flag of the Malawi Congress Party which dates from 1953. When the country became independent it adopted this flag on 6 JULY 1964 with the adition of a red rizin sun on the top in order to symbolize a new era for Afrika. Black represents the people; red is the blood shed for freedom; green is the land with its fields & forests. Notice there was already a rizin sun on both colonial flagz in 1914 & in 1953 + another rizin sun on the top of the "colonial looking" arms in uze. Maybe was it the source of this dezign.... The flag was shifted on 29 JULY 2010 by reversin 2 bands and replacin the red risin sun by a whole white sun which was said then to stand for the economic development and progress which MALAWI had achieved since its independence. For some [unknown ?] reazons it was given up only 2 yearz later and the 1964 flag has been REadopted yet. The present pattern dates from 6 JULY 1964 and now from 28 MAY 2012.

            As it loox too "British colonial" to me I V dezigned a project less British colonial looking !!!!    NB : To me MALAWI should REALY adopt a new coat of arms which would look + "African" than "western heraldry" just like "Zuid Afrika" or Rwanda did already.

                2012    (1964 flag readopted)                                                                I think this could be a very good compromise !!!!

                2010    (new flag)

                July 1964    (independence)

                colonial January 1964   (Federation dissolved / Nyasaland Protectorate self rule - UK)

                colonial 1953   (Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland - UK)

                colonial 1925   (Nyasaland Protectorate - UK)    (blak sky turned into green by a 1925 amendment published in the "Flags of all Nations" 1930 edition)

                colonial 1919   (Nyasaland Protectorate - UK)

                colonial 1914   (Nyasaland Protectorate - UK)

                colonial 1893   (NDP renamed British Central Africa Protectorate in 1893 / renamed Nyasaland Protectorate in 1907 - UK)

                colonial 1889    (Shire Highlands Protectorate enlarged and renamed Nyasaland Districts Protectorate (NDP) in 1891 - UK)


    100% WRONG



"The standard authority for British colonial flag badges is the Admiralty publication "Flags of all Nations".  The Nyasaland badge was apparently added to the 1916 edition by an amendment issued in 1925 (which I do not have a copy of) and then published in the 1930 edition.  The badge also appeared in the 1955 edition. These show the Chief to be coloured dark green.  I attach a scan of the badge from the 1955 edition.  The 1930 badge was substantially the same. The badge with a black background was initially used from 1914 on a white circle.  The circle was removed and the badge placed directly on the field from 1919.  At some unknown date the colour of the background of the badge changed from black to green - possibly in 1919 or 1925 (likely), definitely on or before 1930."

Sent by Ralph KELLY, the VERY BEST vexilolog on Planet Earth.


This scan was sent to me by Ralph KELLY.


This foto was sent to me by Ralph KELLY.

    1925-1964 redezigned by Marko

                                                                                                                                                                                    BONUS STUF :


                                                                                                                                                MARKO's other project for a new emblem for MALAWI.