MALDIVES    (Republic of)    (Divehi Raajeyge Jumhoriya)    []

            slavery unit : rupee        tongue : Divehi        395000 idiot monkeys on 300 kmē

            puke sects : muslim 100%

            The name Divehi means "The 1000 Islands". Originally the flag was a plain red but when the country became independent from the UK the present design was adopted. Red represents the sacrifice of the heroes of the independence while green stands for progress & prosperity. The crescent on the green field is a symbol of islam. The present pattern was adopted on 26 JULY 1965.


                1968    (Second Republic)

                1965    (independence)

                1953    (sultanate turned into First Republic)    (UK protectorate)

                +        1926-1932    (propozals NEVER adopted - theres NO crescent on green)    (UK protectorate)

                1903    (UK protectorate)

                1796    (UK protectorate - status of British protectorate oficialy recorded in 1887)

                1645    (Nederland protectorate)

                1573     (independence)

                colonial 1558    (Portugal)


                                                                                                                                    UNITED SUVADIVE REPUBLIC (1959-1963) :


                                                                       SUVADIVE REPUBLIC / Suvadive Arkipelago = Huvadhu + Fuvahmulah + Addu Attols