MONGOLIA    (Mongol Uls)    []

            slavery unit : tugrik        tongue : Khalkha        3133300 idiot monkeys on 1567000 km²

            puke sects : budist 96%    other 4%

            Quotation from the 1992 Mongolian Constitution Act : "The State Emblem shall be based on the white lotus of purity. The outer frame shall be the "Tumen Nusan" of eternity in the shape of a blue sphere symbolizing the eternal sky. In the centre shall be a combination of the Golden Soyombo and the Treasured Steed, an expression of the independence, sovereignty and spirit of Mongolia. In the upper part is the Chandmani which grants wishes and symbolizes the past, present and future. In the lower part shall be a green background of mountains representing Mother Earth and the Wheel of Destiny. Mixed in with the Wheel of Destiny shall be a "Khadag" - scarf symbolizing welcome. The State Flag shall be divided vertically into three equal parts coloured red, blue and red. The three stripes, of identical width, shall be blue for the eternal sky in the middle, and red, the symbol of progress and prosperity, for the two stripes on either side. The golden Soyombo shall be depicted in the centre of the red stripe nearest to the flag pole. The ratio of the width to the length of the Flag shall be 1:2." The Soyombo itself reprezents stuf like eternal life (sun + moon), balance of life and nature (yin yang).... The present pattern was adopted on 13 JANUARY 1992.

                                                                                      capital : ULAANBAATAR

                1992    (sovietic ratio of shit)    FLAG OF CONVENIENCE OF SHIT

                1945    (sovietic ratio of shit)

                1940    (the text both on the flag & the scroll means "The Mongol People's Republic")    (sovietic ratio of shit)


                1924    (the text on the flag means "The Mongol People's Republic")

                1921    (Bogd Khanate of Mongolia - independence)

                colonial 1920    (ocupation of Mongolia October 1919, then RE-anexation to China January 1920)

                1911    (independence of Bogd Khanate of Mongolia proclaimed - independence acknoledged by China in 1913)

                colonial 1890    (China - Qing dynasty)

                colonial 1872    (China - Qing dynasty)

                colonial 1862    (China - Qing dynasty)

                colonial 1844    (China - Qing dynasty)    (this flag ????)

                colonial 1800    (China - Qing dynasty)    (this flag ????)

            colonial 1500    (China - Qing dynasty)    (this flag ????)


                1271    (Yuan dynasty)


                1206    (Empire of Genghis Khan)


                                                                                                    ancient Black Sulde

                ancient White Sulde



            Guards carrying the "Tug of 9 Horse Tails", the national banner of Mongolia, at the opening of Naadam 2005   -   foto found here





             A GREAT thank to Mello LUCHTENBERG for his HUGE work in findin so many info about the kronology of historical flagz of Mongolia.

             Another GREAT thank to him for havin dezigned the 1911, 1924, 1930 & 1940 flagz of Mongolia so perfectly.

             Mello's vexillo site is here.


                MONGOLIA 1940-1945   MONGOLIA coat of arms 1940-1949

                TUVA REPUBLIC 1926-1930

            FLAGZ FROM 1911 TO 1992 FOUND HERE :


         Governments House Museum of Mongolia


             flag 1911 foto #1  (Notice the flag SHALL BEAR several texts & look like a "parchment" !)

               flag 1911 foto #2   (But as it was TOO COMPLICATED to make....)

               flag 1911 foto #3   (....some other variants....)

               flag 1911 foto #4   (....were created with watermarked golden Ölzi's.)        MONGOLIA coat of arms 1911-1924

               flag 1911 foto #5

                flag 1924 foto

                flag 1930 foto

                flag 1940 foto



CONTROVERSY #1 (the 1921 flag) :

    This flag is often shown as "MONGOLIA 1921". This flag was adopted from 13 MARCH 1921 till 11 JULY 1921 by the rival government named Revolutionary Provisional Government of Mongolia & suported by the Soviet Red Army. It was NOT the oficial flag of MONGOLIA in 1921. BTW this flag is drawn ratio 3:5 in WIKIMERDIA with ABSOLUTELY NO SCIENTIFIC REAZON. Indeed : theres NO CLUE MONGOLIA had used a ratio 3:5 for its flags EVER.

Let's compare to make it clear ONCE & FOR ALL :

1917 Russian Revolution :       Russia (oficial flag)    vs       "Red Russians"

1921 Mongol Revolution :        Mongolia (oficial flag)                  vs       RPGM

+over U can C very obviously the RPGM flag created in 1921 was inspired DIRECTLY from the July 1918 Russian flag :

The July 1918 oficial flag of RUSSIA      obviously inspired the 1921 RPGM flag  

CONTROVERSY #2 (the 1924 flag) :

    acordin to the Governments House Museum of Mongolia

    This is a + simple variant of the 1924 flag WITH A GOLDEN SOYOMBO accordin to the Constitution of 26 NOVEMBER 1924 which is very imprecize by just sayin "The state flag is red, with the state emblem in the centre." EXTREMELY IMPRECIZE, indeed !!!!

    Another one WITH A BLUE SOYOMBO !? Or just a mistake from vexillolog to vexillolog !? And WHY a ratio 1:2 so early BEFORE 1940 !?

This + simple variant of the 1924 flag WITH A GOLDEN SOYOMBO is seen on these fotos :

    Manchouli Conference occurred in three sessions from 3 June 1935 to 20 December 1936 (both fotos taken during this time). The problem is it should be the 1930 flag but it's not !

The 1924 flag is also seen on this series of pictures :



But this other foto described as “1925 Mongolian Pioneer organization phase of establishment” shows part of the 1924 flag :

    The blak stuf "over" the head of the central guy is EXACTLY THIS FLAG :

CONTROVERSY #3 (the 1930 flag) :

    the English translation of the Mongol WIKIMERDIA page about the Mongol flagz states this :

The great Russian vexillolog Viktor LOMANTSOV could provide us with this chart from the "Atlas of the Workers and Peasants Red Army Commander" from 1938 :

Link here :

    Thou this 1938 atlas does not show exactly the very shape dezign of MONGOLIA 1930 as it shall be, we can state it is THE SAME flag. That PROVES its existence.

Mello LUCHTENBERG found another link :

However we must notice the blue Soyombo appears in the book of Ottfried NEUBECKER titled German Navy’s Flaggenbuch (published December 1939) in 2 versions : a plain red "Nationalflagge" (national flag) and a yello flag with a red saltire named "Handelsflagge" (merchant flag or civil ensign). So the final answer "should" be this one :

    Soyombo Revival Society   (1930-1949)

    1930-1940 Civil ensign or merchant flag for trade shipping.... Mongolia !!!! WOT DA FUCK ???
Very highly possible this yellow maritime flag in Flaggenbuch was an error - perhaps a proposed flag that was finaly never adopted.

This EXTREMELY DUBIOUS 1930-1940 "civil ensign" (or merchant flag) loox too much like this >

+over I personaly find it so weird to draw flags of Mongolia with a ratio 1:2 BEFORE 1940. Very bizare....

First problem : Ottfried NEUBECKER is THE ONLY SOURCE sayin that without bringin us ANY PROOF AT ALL of wot he claims.

Second problem : Mongolia is an enclave extremely far from all seas. A flag of convenience ????

Third problem : There does not seem to be any record of Mongolian registered ships in the 1930s, so it is difficult to see what use this flags was if it existed in the 1920s and 1930s.

Fourth problem : There are a lake and two long rivers in Mongolia which are navigable but apparently they carry little traffic and they freeze from May to September.

Fifth problem : the ONLY REAL FOTOS THAT PROVE THE EXISTENCE of this + simple variant of the 1924 flag WITH A GOLDEN SOYOMBO (NOT BLUE) is seen on these fotos :

    Manchouli Conference occurred in three sessions from 3 June 1935 to 20 December 1936 (both fotos taken during this time).         Even if the foto is sepia it's very easy to guess which color it is.

We can see it's ALWAYS A GOLDEN SOYOMBO flag ratio 2:3, and just NEVER a BLUE SOYOMBO with a ratio 1:2.

On one hand we have REAL fotos showin REAL flags BOTH with A GOLDEN SOYOMBO. On the other hand we have just only NEUBECKER DRAWINGS with A BLUE SOYOMBO.

Ottfried NEUBECKER is the best vexillolog of all times in the whole galaxy. OK : why not. I dont care anyway ! Roberto BRESCHI gives him homage on his page with his words "da una fonte autorevolissima, il dottor O. Neubecker." But NEUBECKER is quite almost THE ONLY source about those 2 weird flags. Even if he was the best vexillolog of all times, WHERE ARE HIS EVIDENCES ????

Notice when I say "Ottfried NEUBECKER is the best vexillolog of all times in the whole galaxy" my intention is DEFINITELY NOT TO MOCK HIM but to mock his idolatrous thurifers.

This BLUE SOYOMBO makes NO SENSE AT ALL. So : make your choice !!!!

Absent any further evidence, we may reasonably suggest that the 1924 simplified flag had a yello emblem on red (rather than blue) IN THE REAL LIFE and it was in use from 1924 to 1940 (or even maybe 1945). Perhaps Neubecker’s original source had a drawing of the Soyombo IN BLUE and the statement that it appeared on the red field of a flag. Or Neubecker had only a written description of the flag and adding an illustration of the Soyombo to the centre of the flag in blue, in ignorance of earlier golden Soyombos on earlier flags and assuming that a traditional colour of blue applied. Absent other information on earlier Mongolian flags, he would not have assumed that the colour needed to be changed to yellow when applied to the flag.

Yet theres somethin else. It's this card from 1932. It's a goodie given inside the boxes of the Constantin Cigarettenfabrik, Dresden, Deutschland. This particular series is named “Die Welt in Bildern- Album 7 : Flaggen der Welt, Außereuropäische Staaten” (“The World in Pictures - Album 7 : Flags of the World, Non-European States”). We know Ottfried NEUBECKER had drawn these cards too. Same designer = same error !!

    It's written "State flag" insted of "National flag".... which brings kilos of confusion !!!!

Notice the ONLY source sayin this very flag is BOTH national and state flag is Roberto BRESCHI just right here >

Notice that, from a German contact, there was no flag for Mongolia in the 1926 Reichsmarine Flaggenbuch. There were no flags from Mongolia (both the national flag and the merchant shipping flag).

                                                                                                                                                                                                22 AIMAGS :

            ARHANGAY                                                                                                                     BAYAN HONGOR                                                                                                          BAYAN ÖLGIY

            BULGAN                                                                                                                            DARAN UUL                                                                                                                    DORNO GOVI

            DORNOD                                                                                                                           DUND GOVI                                                                                                                    GOVI ALTAI

            GOVI SUMBER                                                                                                                 HENTIY                                                                                                                            HOVD

            HÖVSGÖL                                                                                                                         ÖMNÖ GOVI                                                                                                                    ORHON

            ÖVÖRHANGAI                                                                                                                 SELENGE                                                                                                                         SÜHBAATAR

            TÖV                                                                                                                                     ULAANBAATAR                                                                                                            UVS



                                                                                                                                                                                               + 1 BONUS FLAG :


                                                                                                                                                                         MARKO's project    (ratio 2:3)