MADAGASCAR    (Republic of)    (Repoblikani Madagasikara)    []

            slavery unit : ariary        slavery tongues : French + English        tongue : Malagasy

            21926000 idiot monkeys on 587041 kmē

            puke sects : pagan 52%    X 41%    muslim 7%

            This giant island has been settled both by Africans & Asians. Red & white represent the latter while green stands for the Blax who came from the close mainland. Red & white were the colors of the Merina Kingdom that ruled the country for a long time till it became a French colony. Now white is for purity, red for sovereignty, green for hope. The present pattern was adopted on 21 OCTOBER 1958.

                                                         capital : ANTANANARIVO
                                                                                                                                                         (unseemly colonial homage of shit toward monarkist France !!!!)

                1958    (independence only 1960)

                colonial 1946    (France)

                1943    (administrated by La France Libre)

                1942    (ocupied by UK troops)

                colonial 1895    (Colony of Madagascar - France)

                colonial 1885    (Protectorate of Madagascar - France)

Before a unity achieved under the French rule MADAGASCAR was split into many kingdoms durin many centuries. Notice some of thoze flagz seem extremely dubious. But I found them on SHIT FOTW ("Historical flags") just right here :

So it's "normal" it seems dubious as it come from there !!!! BTW I precize I V redrawn some flagz as they are usualy too much ugly, dirty & so disgustin on this SHIT FOTW site of shit.

            ANTAKARANA KINGDOM    (1600's-1895) :


            ANTONGIL KINGDOM    (1774-1786) :


            BOINA KINGDOM    (1690-1840) :


            MENABE KINGDOM    (1685-1834) :


            MERINA (or HOVA) KINGDOM    (1540-1896) :


            TAMATAVE KINGDOM    (1712-1828) :




    1712-1819    (Extremely dubious flag as it loox 95% to the King of France's Regiment banner from 1663 till 1757 but my source was.... SHIT FOTW !!!!)

            TANIBE KINGDOM    (1822-1828) :



                                                                                                          + 2 BONUS FLAGZ :

            people MERINA                                                                                
                                      MARKO's project for MADAGASCAR inspired from the flag of Merina Kingdom - I find it + cute than the oficial flag !!!!