MAÏ BAÏ (THE PILOT)   (Marko / Marko - textes écrits en Nouvo Français)

Chanson sur la guerre du Vietnam


Maï Baï ! Maï Baï !

They fly in sky

Bad guy, good guy

Chic American pig

Shit American pie

Anyway uzed been have should toxfly !

They’re comin out from hell

They’re comin out from hell

& they bring their own craps

Under their wingz.



Mapaï ? No. Xaïxaï ? No.

Fragmentation bombs,

Lamentation tombs. Napalm.

Search & destroy :

Eins, zwei, drei, fire !

Zippo Raids.... Missin in action.

400 deadz a week for wot !?

Fuckin raids on fuckin Reds....

Yes but anyway you get the mickey !

1 of 10 : Yankee junkie !



Mwaï Thaï ! Mwaï Thaï !

The 500 killed of Milaï

Anyway Charlie decides

Laogaï : it’s all right

Suffer with pride !

Maï Baï ! Maï Baï !

Right now : Lodaï

They were comin out from hell

Baodaï said “Bye bye” !

& the Yankee....



“Momentary engaged”

“Momentary engaged”

“Momentary engaged”

“Momentary engaged”