MOROCCO    (Kingdom of)    (Al Mamlaka Al Maghribiya / Tageldit N Elmeyrib)    []

            slavery unit : dirham        tongues : Arab + Tamazight        35657000 idiot monkeys on 710850 kmē

            puke sects : muslim 99%    other 1%

            (NB : Colonial frontieres of shit in the whole AFRIKA since the 1885 Conference of Berlin of shit.)

         The traditional flag was red for many centuries and is said to represent the blood ties betwin the royal family of Morocco & profet Mohamed. The green pentacle stands for the Seal of Solomon. Durin the colonisation the country used to display 2 main flags. The French part had the present version adorned with a small French Tricolor in the canton. The Spanish part used another flag. The present pattern was officially hoisted on 7 APRIL 1956. Nowadayz Spain still possess a few ridiculous islands or enclaves in Morocco & dont hesitate to make a big fuss about it !!!! [Personaly I M for a united Morocco with NO Ceuta, NO Melilla, NO Sahara Republic.... but it's only my view !!!!]

                                                                  capital : AR RIBAT       MARKO's project

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ....but why "VILLE DE RABAT" on the shield and +over in French !!!!????

                1956    (independence)                    civil ensign                   naval ensign

                1666    (Alawi dynasty)

                1659    (Dilai interlude)    (dubious flag)

                +        1554    (Saadi dynasty)

                1472    (Watassid dynasty)

                1465    (Idrissid interlude)

                1268    (Merinid dynasty)    (Notice theres a doubt about the existence of this flag. The Catalan map of 1375 displays the chequer board flag of the Almohad Empire.)

                1147    (Almohad Empire)

                1063    (Almoravid Sultanate)

                974    (Umayyad Califate restored)

                937    (Idrissid dynasty restored)

                909    (Fatimid Califate)

                789    (Idrissid dynasty)

                758-1055   (independent Amazigh / Berber kingdom of Sijilmasa)

                750   (Abbassid Califate)

                744-1058   (independent Amazigh / Berber kingdom of Barghawata)

                683    (Arab conquest - Umayyad Califate)

                534    (Byzantine Empire)        Basileus Basileon Basileuon Basileusin = king of kings, ruling over kings

                40    (Roman Empire)

            Colonial period

            French Morocco :

                colonial 1919-1956

                colonial 1915

                colonial 1912

            Spanish Morocco :

                colonial 1937-1956

                colonial 1912

            Spanish colony named RIO DE ORO - this colony must NOT be confuzed with Spanish Morocco :

                colonial 1945-1975

                colonial 1939

                colonial 1931

                colonial 1887

            TANGIER International Maritime Zone :

                colonial 1945-1956    (TANGIER International Maritime Zone restored)           1953-1956 (civil ensign)     (detail)

                colonial 1940    (TANGIER International Maritime Zone anexed to Spanish Morocco)

                colonial 1923    (TANGIER International Maritime Zone)

            Rif Republic :

                1921-1926    (independent Rif Republic ruled by Abdelkrim EL KHATTABI)

            CEUTA & MELILLA :

    colonial CEUTA 1580    (Spain)    (Note : colony of PORTUGAL from 1415 till 1580 - flag existin only since 1995)

                colonial MELILLA 1487    (Spain)    (flag existin only since 1995)

            Alawi dynasty - personal flag of the Sultan of Morocco :

                1865-1912    (Alawi dynasty - personal flag of the Sultan of Morocco)          (scissors !!?? 100% sure it was a "Barbarossa" Zulfikar mistaken by Europeans)

            NOTE #1 :

                Acordin to historical sources, the personal flag of the Sultan of Morocco of the Alawi dynasty was adorned with a Zulfikar dezigned as the one displayed on Barbarossa warflag.

                Corsair Heyreddin Barbarossa warflag (1534-1546)

                The actual warflag is displayed at the Naval Museum of Istanbul.

            NOTE #2 :

                Maritime Province of Ifni-Sahara (Spanish enclave within French Morocco) in the period 1946-1975 uzed by merchant ships.

            Tangier International Maritime Zone + French Moroco + Spanish Moroco + 5 extra Spanish colonies. Spanish Moroco shall NOT be confuzed with Spanish colony of Rio De Oro. Heres a map to make things clearer :

                Notice that 3 Spanish colonies stil remain since 1956 : Canarias + Ceuta + Melilla.

                                                                                                                                                                   + 5 EXTRA FLAGZ :

            SAHRAWI ARAB DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC since 1976    (former Spanish colony of Rio De Oro which shall NOT be confused with former Spanish Moroco)

                AMAZIGH flag

                RIFFIAN or TARIFIT flag #1    (former independent Rif Republic)                                  RIFFIAN or TARIFIT flag #2    (alternate)

                TAMAZIGHT or ZAYANE flag

                ICHLHYEN or SHILHA or CHLEUH or TACELHIT flag

                map of the 3 MAIN TAMAZIGHT GROUPS

                TIFINAGH ALFABET