LAOS    (Lao People's Democratic Republic)    (Sathalanalat Pasathipatay Pasason Lao)    []

            slavery unit : kip        tongue : Lao            7100000 idiot monkeys on 237000 kmē

            puke sects : budist 66%    satsana phi 31%    pagan + other 2%    X 1%

           This flag was first used in 1945 by the independentist government Lao Issara. It was then taken over by the comunist and independentist organization Pathet Lao who has finaly kept it as the national flag during his seizure of power and the proclamation of the republic in 1975. It consists of three horizontal stripes, the upper and lower bands of red, the middle of blue color. In the center is a white disc with a diameter equal to 4/5 of the height of the blue stripe. The red color represents the blood shed for independence and the blue represents the Mekong or the health of the country. The white disc symbolizes the Moon over the Mekong or the unity of the country under the comunist government. The present pattern was adopted on 2 DECEMBER 1975.

            NB : bad place if U R a French journalist !!!!

            LAOS is a country martyred by the USA.


                1975    (republic)

                1953    (independence - monarky)

                +       colonial 1947    (France)    (autonomy)

                +        colonial 1945    (France)

                +        fascist & colonial 1941    (puppet independence under Japan rule)

                +       colonial 1923    (France)

                +        colonial 1893    (France)

                1855    (part of Siam)

                1817    (part of Siam)

                1782    (part of Siam)

                1778    (part of Siam)

                1713-1947   (Kingdom of Champassak)

                1707-1893   (Kingdom of Luang Prabang)

                1707-1828   (Kingdom of Vientiane)

                1353-1707   (Kingdom of Lan Xang)

                                                                                                                                                             + 3 BONUS FLAGZ :

                 MARKO's project for LAOS mixin 1953 & 1975                                 people HMONG    (3:5)                                                                                  MARKO's project for people HMONG    (2:3)