KOREA (NORTH)    (Democratic People's Republic of my ass)    (Choson Minjujui Inmin Kongwaguk)    [www.kp]

            slavery unit : won        tongue : Korean        24895000 idiot starvin monkeys on 120540 kmē

            puke sects : pagan or juche 64%    shamanist 16%    cheondoist 13%    buddist 5%   X 2%

            red symbol : no comment

            2000000 dead people from starvation due to Kim Il Sung


                fascist 1948    FLAG OF CONVENIENCE OF SHIT                                    naval ensign

                1945    (ocupied by USSR)

                colonial 1910    (Japan)

                1905   (Japaneze protectorate over Great Korean Empire / Emperor Kojong forced to abdicate in 1907)

                1882   (Great Choson / Joseon Kingdom - first national flag kept in 1897 for the independence - Joseon Kingdom turned into Great Korean Empire)

                1856    (Great Choson / Joseon Kingdom - new flag)

                1392    (Great Choson / Joseon Kingdom - tributary toward Imperial Chinese Ming Dynasty but independent de facto)

                918    (Kingdom of Goryeo)

                668    (creation of the Kingdom of Korea)

            Notice there has been many YIN-YANG dezigns since 1882 and none of them is "better" than the others.

            U can have a glance at it all just right here : yepes.tistory.com/m/post/64


                                                                                                                                                            + 2 BONUS FLAGZ :

                This is DEFINITELY NOT KOREA 1882 national flag. This is the royal standard of King -then Emperor- Kojong from 1882 to 1907.
The central emblem is not a Yin Yang but a Eum Yang.

                Flag of the Japaneze Rezident-General Government from 1906 to 1910 - Notice the shade shall NOT be navy blue but light blue.



"Wikipedia is wrong in describing the red flag with the circular ying-yang design as a royal standard dating to 1800.  Vexilla Mundi, Hubert de Vries, Nozomi Kariyasu and I regard the design as being a royal standard of King Gojong about 1882.


Ralph Kelly"


                                                                                                                                                            + 4 EXTRA BONUS FLAGZ :

                                               MARKO's projects #1 & #2 for a REUNITED KOREA

                                               MARKO's projects #3 & #4 for a REUNITED KOREA AT LAST.