GUINEA BISSAU    (Republic of)    []

            slavery unit : fucking franc CFA    (Colonies Franšaizes d'Afrik- thou it was never part of !!!!)

            slavery tongue : Portugueze        1596000 idiot monkeys on 36125 km▓

            puke sects : muslim 45%    pagan + other 42%    X 13%

            (NB : Colonial frontieres of shit in the whole AFRIKA since the 1885 Conference of Berlin of shit.)

            The basis of the flag is this of the PAIGC, the liberation movement of both former Portuguese Guinea & Cape Verde. Red represents the blood shed for the independence (once more!); yello the sunshine; green hope; the black star stands for the African unity of the continent (which seems to be a wishful thinkin!). The present pattern was adopted on 24 SEPTEMBER 1973 & kept in 1975 for the independence.

                                                                                                 capital : BISSAU    (very good dezign with a colonial homage of shit !!!!)

                1975    (very good dezign with a sovietic ratio of shit !!!!)

                colonial 1911

                colonial 1830

                colonial 1816

                colonial 1750

                colonial 1706

                colonial 1668

                colonial 1640

                colonial 1580

                colonial 1578

                colonial 1495

                colonial 1485

                colonial 1446    (Portugal)