GAMBIA    (Republic of the)    []

            slavery unit : dalasi        slavery tongue : English        tongues : Mandé, Fula, Wolof, Serer, Jola        1800000 idiot monkeys on 11295 km²

            puke sects : muslim 90%    X 10%

            (NB : Colonial frontieres of shit in the whole AFRIKA since the 1885 Conference of Berlin of shit.)

          Acordin to its dezigner Louis Thomasi the red band of the flag symbolizes the sun while blue is the river Gambia itself and green is for the land. The white fimbriations represent both peace & serenity. Another explanation says that blue stands for loyalty while green is for hope & the open mind of the people. Once more I notice you can alwayz make a flag tellin wotever you want !!!! If I can aford a personal remark then I say I find this flag simply just very ugly. But it's only my subjective point of view : it has no value in matter of vexilology ! The present pattern was adopted on 18 FEBRUARY 1965.


                1965    (independence)

                colonial 1889    (Gambia)

                colonial 1870    (West African Settlements)

                colonial 1801

                colonial 1783    (UK)

                colonial 1779    (France)

                colonial 1713    (UK)

                colonial 1695    (France)

                colonial 1684    (Royal African Company - UK)

                colonial 1661    (UK)

                colonial 1660   (GWC = Geoctroyeerde Westindische Compagnie / Nederland)

                colonial 1659   (Nederlandse Gambia)

                colonial 1651   (Courlander Gambia - Courland naval ensign)

                colonial 1606    (UK)

                colonial 1588    (England)

                colonial 1580

                colonial 1578

                colonial 1495

                colonial 1485

                colonial 1450    (Portugal)

                1300's    (Empire of Mali)

                                                                                                                                       + 1 BONUS FLAG :

    Senegambia Confederation 1982-1989    (It was ONLY an organization flag, not a national flag.)



                I V drawn my own dezign after Mello LUCHTENBERG's flag just right below this one :

                Mello LUCHTENBERG's flag vizible here :

            Mello LUCHTENBERG drew his own dezign after this real document just below :

                but as the crab loox like a louse I V shifted my animal !!!!

            Acordin to this real document the crab SHALL BE golden and CERTAINLY NOT blak. The raspberry color of this very document is a faded "washed out" brown red dye. Remember the flag of DUCHY OF COURLAND since 1561 :

                Duchy of Courland 1561 :

                it is DEFINITELY red brown, not raspberry. And it's DEFINITELY golden, not blak.... and a crab has DEFINITELY 8 paws (+ 2 claws). 8 paws, NOT 6 !!!!!!



MARKO's project for West Africa in order both to fuck colonial frontieres of shit and to REcreate the "Empire" of MALI as from 1250 till 1400.   (Excellent site dédié à Modibo KEITA / 1915-1977)