DOMINICANA    (Dominican Republic)    (Republica Dominicana)    []

            slavery unit : peso        tongue : espaņol        9824000 idiot monkeys on 48422 kmē

            puke sects : X 92%    other 8%

            The country was invaded by Haiti on 27 February 1844; this event could be the explanation of the Haitian flag as a basis! In 1844 the Dominicans added a white cross upon this blue over red flag in order to have their own symbol of liberty. However the two upper rectangles were blue & the two lower were red. The flag was shifted later. Then the Spaniards happened to rule the country again from 1861 up to 1865. Blue represents freedom & red the blood shed for independence (as usual!). The cross stands for sacrifice. The present pattern was adopted on 6 NOVEMBER 1844 & restored on 1865 & finaly on 1924.

                        capital : SANTO DOMINGO

The text is quite interestin but I prefer my project : a Dominican coat of arms without all that too much complicated mess (motto + crucifix + bible). I also propoze to turn the "Amerikish looking shape" into a "French looking shape" for the shield.

                 1924   (end of US ocupation)                                                                       civil flag

                 +        1916    (ocupied by US troops)

                 1905    (end of US ocupation)

                 +       1903    (ocupied by US troops)

                 1863    (independence - acknoledged by Spain only 1865)

                 colonial 1861    (Spain)

                 November 1844

                 February 1844    (independence)

                 1838    (very first independentist flag named "La Trinitaria" - WikiMERDIA date it from 1838 but other sources only from 1844. Does anybody know ????)

                 colonial 1822   (Haiti)

                 1821    (independent Republic of Spanish Haiti)

                 colonial 1809   (Spain)

                 colonial 1805   (France)

                 colonial 1804   (Haiti)

                 colonial 1803   (Haiti)

                 colonial 1795   (France)

                 colonial 1785

                 colonial 1761

                 colonial 1700

                 colonial 1668

                 colonial 1580

                 colonial 1516

                 colonial 1492   (Spain)