DOMINICA    (Commonwealth of)    []

            slavery unit : eastern Caribean $        slavery tongue : English        73000 idiot monkeys on 750 kmē

            puke sects : X 95%    other 5%

            The basis of this great dezign due to Alwin Bully is a plain green field representin the lush vegetation of the island. The yello-black-white cross symbolizes the holy trinity of my ass. Yello stands for sunshine, agriculture & the native people. Black for the soil & the Africans. White for purity & local water. The national emblem is the Sisserou parrot depicted on a red roundel for national comitment & social justice. The 10 green stars are the 10 parishes of the country. The 10 parishes are : Andrew, David, George, John, Jozef, Luke, Mark, Patrik, Paul & Peter. After several versions the present pattern was adopted on 3 NOVEMBER 1990.

            Motto of shit + British colonial lion of shit.... but I like the frog !!!!

                 1990   (yello fimbriations around the green stars suppressed)

                1988   (Sisserou parrot reversed)

                1981   (yello fimbriations added around the green stars and the order of the 3 colors of the cross is shifted)

                1978   (independence)

                colonial 1967

                colonial 1965

                colonial 1962    (West Indies Federation dissolved)

                +        colonial 1958    (West Indies Federation)

                +        colonial 1955

               colonial 1953   (Windward Islands)   (St Edward's Crown)

               colonial 1940   (Windward Islands)   (Tudor Crown)

                colonial 1890   (Leeward Islands)

                +        colonial 1875   (Notice the 2° flag is VERY dubious.)

                colonial 1801

                colonial 1784   (UK)

                colonial 1778   (France)

                colonial 1763   (UK)

                colonial 1715    (France)

                1660    (Agreement betwin France & the UK that the island will be left for the Caribs Kalinago)

                colonial 1643    (France)

                colonial 1635   (France)

    colonial 1627   (UK)

    colonial 1580

    colonial 1516

    colonial 1493   (Spain)