JIBUTI    (Neocolony of)    (République de Djibouti / Jumhuriya Jibuti)    [www.dj]

            slavery unit : fuckin franc Djibouti        slavery tongues : French + Arab        tongues : Somali + Afar

            750000 idiot monkeys on 23200 km²

            puke sects : muslim 94%    X 6%

            (NB : Colonial frontieres of shit in the whole AFRIKA since the 1885 Conference of Berlin of shit.)

            This flag is based on this of the LPI (People's League for Independence) that led the struggle against the French colonisation. The light blue represents the Issas (Somalis) while the green stands for the Afars (who are muslims). The white triangle symbolizes equality & peace; the red star the national unity. The present pattern was adopted in 1972 & kept when Djibouti became independent on 27 JUNE 1977.

                                                                                                                      capital : DJIBOUTI

                1977   (independence)    FLAG OF CONVENIENCE OF SHIT

                colonial 1943    (France)    ("Côte Française des Somalis" renamed "Territoire Français des Afars et des Issas" in 1967)

                +        1942    (ocupied by UK troops)

                colonial 1884    (France)    (Territory of Obock and Protectorate of Tadjoura renamed "Côte Française des Somalis" in 1896)

                colonial 1844

                colonial 1793

                colonial 1577    (Ottoman Empire)

                1415    (Sultanate of Adal)

                1285    (Sultanate of Ifat)