CAMEROON    (Republic of)    []

            slavery unit : fuckin franc CFA    (Colonies Françaises d'Afrik)

            slavery tongues : French + English        tongues : Bamileke + Douala + Ewondo + Fang + Fulani + Kirdi      20000000 idiot monkeys on 475442 km²

            puke sects : X 50%    pagan + other 30%    muslim 20%

           (NB : Colonial frontieres of shit in the whole AFRIKA since the 1885 Conference of Berlin of shit.)

            The flag is obviously inspired from the French Tricolor. As a colony, the country was devided into two parts (one was British, the other was French). The latter became independent in 1960 & adopted this flag but without any star. In 1961 the British part got independent & joined the former French part in 1962. The then flag was the same with two yello stars on the green band. In 1972 Cameroon stopped bein a federal country & finally chose this version. The present pattern was adopted on 20 MAY 1975.


                1975    (FRC replaced by United Republic of Cameroon in 1972 but flag adopted only 1975 - United Republic of Cameroon replaced by Republic of Cameroon in 1984)

                1962    (Federal Republic of Cameroon - FRC)   (2 starz = French Cameroun + Southern Cameroons)

                1961   (independence of the British part)   (2 starz = province Bamenda + province Buea)

                1960   (independence of the French part)

                +        colonial 1954   (France + UK)

                +        colonial 1922   (France + UK)

                +        colonial 1919   (France + UK)

                colonial 1892   (naval ensign replaced by the Reichskolonialamt flag - Germany)

                colonial 1884   (naval ensign usualy flown in the colonies - Germany)

            VEXILLO NOTE - BRITISH CAMEROON    (1916-1961) :

                colonial 1954-1961    (granting of separate autonomous region status within Nigeria)    (UK)    (unofficial or even non-existent badge, flag very probably AN ERROR !!!!)

                colonial 1922    (British Cameroon - mandate of the United Kingdom)    (UK)                   (detail - unofficial or even non-existent badge)

                1916    (ocupied by UK troops)

                                                                                                                                                                                            + 2 BONUS FLAGZ :

                flag of the BAMILEKE people                                            BAMILEKE alternate flag named BAMILEKE NATION ????

                                                                                                                                                                                            + 3 MALUS FLAGZ :

                independentist AMBAZONIA    (= regions Nord Ouest + Sud Ouest)


                (5:8)    independentist AMBAZONIA    (= regions Nord Ouest + Sud Ouest)

            Very weirdly, theres another flag on   This alternate flag of AMBAZONIA is very interestin too. The canton oddly loox like some kind of fat red cross ! Does anybody have any further info about that ????

            Notice I REALY DO PREFER this odd alternate flag for many reazons. #1 : The 12 yello starz loox too much like European Union. #2 : The 9 light blue stripes loox too much like Greece. #3 : The alternate is unic & original.

                (2:3)    On the flag is drawn ratio 5:8 but maybe a ratio 2:3 would look better (or, at least, + simple !).

                (1:2)    Notice theres a third alternate with a very cute dezign of the sun. The "fat red cross" is much + vizible on this version than in a canton.

                A good song that sounds like a referendum !!!! It's here >

                    AMBAZONIA GARUDA - Just creazy !

            Take a Greek flag, a circle of 12 yello starz from the EU flag, an Indonesian Garuda, a Lusignan shield, a UNO laurel wreath, a seal (typical in USA) with some USAlike mottos, mix it all into a shaker, & serve fresh !!!!

            AMBAZONIA : just another fuckin artificial western manipulation !!?? Very probably YES.


            I M NOT sure historical peoples are divided in this case. Indeed : on the Nigerian side of the border theres Tiv, Ekoi and Ibibio Peoples. But on the Cameroonian side of the border theres Tikar and Bakundu Peoples.

            AMBAZONIA : just only a fuckin western capitalist rigging in order to steal the Cameroonian oil in Gulf of Guinea / Niger Delta ?? Hmmm......

                Things become clearer & clearer !!!!

            All that fuss about AMBAZONIA stinks fuckin oil & fuckin USatan. Look at that :




                        Ruben UM NYOBE 1913-1958        killed for western profit & neoslavery.

                        LINK :

                        Félix MOUMIE 1926-1960                 killed for western profit & neoslavery.

                        Ernest OUANDIE 1914-1971           killed for western profit & neoslavery.

                        LINK :

                        Osende AFANA 1930-1966             killed for western profit & neoslavery.

Abraham HANIBAL   (1696-1781)