KONGO    (Democratic Republic of the)    (Repubilika ya Kongo Demokratiki / Republiki ya Kongó Demokratiki / Jamhuri ya Kidemokrasia ya Kongo / Ditunga dia Kongu wa Mungalaata)    [www.cd]

            slavery unit : fuckin Kongoleze franc        slavery tongue : French        tongues : Kongo, Lingala, Swahili, Luba         70916000 idiot monkeys on 2345409 km²

            puke sects : X 80%    muslim 12%    pagan + other 8%

            (NB : Colonial frontieres of shit in the whole AFRIKA since the 1885 Conference of Berlin of shit.)

            In 1960 Kongo gained its independence from Belgium and adopted its own flag. In 1963 a new flag was chosen : it was blue with a star & a red diagonal stripe. It was redesigned in 1966. After a coup in 1971 Marechal Mobutu decided to turn the name Kongo into Zaire and chose a diferent flag inspired from his own political MPR party (Pop Revolutionary Movement) as the new national emblem. In 1997 Laurent Kabila took power and restored both the original name & flag of the independence. But with the 2006 new Constitution wanted by Jozef Kabila (Laurent Kabila's son) the former flag of 1966 has been readopted.... with a weird light blue too. Accordin to a press report, the colors are said to reprezent blue for hope, red for the blood of the country's martyrs, yello for the mineral wealth while the star stands for a radiant future for the country. The present pattern was adopted on 18 FEBRUARY 2006.

                                                                                                          capital : KINSHASA

                2006    (1966 flag readopted but light blue)                        MARKO's project for KONGO mergin both KONGO + ZAIRE colors

                1997    (Democratic Republic of the Congo - ZAIRE turns its name into KONGO)

                1971    (Republic of Zaire - KONGO turns its name into ZAIRE)    (great dezign too !!!)

                1966    (flag dezign improved !!!)

                1963    (Democratic Republic of the Congo - new flag)

                1960    (Republic of the Congo - independence)    (my favorite KONGO flag - I realy DO like this beautiful dezign)

                colonial 1908    (Belgie)    (renamed "Belgian Kongo" [SIC !] after Léopold 2 was bereft from "his own" Kongo !!!!)

                colonial 1885    (Belgie)    (private property of King Léopold 2 - SIC !!!! / so called "Kongo Free State")

                colonial 1878    (Belgie)    (so called "International Association of the Kongo")

                                                                                                                                                                    + 15 BONUS FLAGZ :

                Independentist State BUKAVU August-November 1967    (flag NOT confirmed - maybe wrong)

                Independentist State LUALABA January-March 1961

                Independentist State KATANGA 1960-1963    (The 3 crosses shall be COPPER color to symbolize that ancient money.)

                Independentist State KATANGA 1960-1963    (variant with red crosses)

                Independentist State KATANGA 1960-1963    (variant with copper crosses displayed saltire)

                Independentist State KATANGA 1960-1963    (variant with red crosses displayed saltire)

                Katanga ancient copper money shaped as small crosses

                Katanga stamps

                A book by Michel LUPANT about Katanga emblems   (the cover shows 12 variants of this famous Katanga small cross)

                Independentist State SOUTH KASAI 1960-1961    (Notice the "V" shall NOT touch the edge of the flag.)

                Independentist State KONGO CENTRAL 1959-1994                   Independentist State KONGO CENTRAL since 1994

                Territory of LADO Enclave   (1894-1910)    (Notice this range is now located in South Sudan as frontieres moved durin History.)

                Batetela Rebellions   (1895-1908)

                YEKE Kingdom (also named GARENGANZE Kingdom)   (1856-1891)   (Notice the kingdom is acknoleged within Dem. Rep. of Kongo.)

                Kingdom of KONGO   (independent kingdom 1390-1857 then 1857-1914 vassal kingdom of Portugal)

                People TEKE

                ZANDELAND or Azande People   (The Azande, plural of "Zande" in the Zande language, are an ethnic group of North Central Africa specifically along the Uele River.)


                                                                    MARKO's project for a new administrative map of a Federal Republic of Kongo (after this ethnolinguistic map)

                                                                    linguistic map +/- matching    (Notice Kongo State SHOULD increaze with sister-ethnic regions in Congo & Angola)


                                                                    Greater Kongo State matching with sister-ethnic regions in Congo & Angola

                                                                                                                                            + 2 BONUS ALBUMS :

                                        STAFF BENDA BILILI - Très Très Fort, 2009                                                           STAFF BENDA BILILI - Bouger Le Monde, 2012



                                    Patrice LUMUMBA 1925-1961        killed for western profit & neoslavery.

                                    LA HONTE ABSOLUE : negronews.fr/2015/01/17/culture-jai-decoupe-lumumba


                                    Laurent Désiré "Mzee" KABILA 1939-2001        killed for western profit & neoslavery.

2° Kongo War : 6000000 (SIX MILIONS) dead people slaughtered in KONGO but NOBODY gives a fuck. Maybe bikoz it's just "negros of shit"....

    Kongo within the Swahili Speakin Area.

The 4 main spoken languages in Kongo.

  It does not match except for Kongo. Weird !

A very good site about ancient African States here : tracingafricanroots.wordpress.com/maps/west-central-africa

400000 on 240 years. I think it's much many +....!!!!