BENIN    (Republic of)    (Orileede Olominira Ile Benin / Beninto)    []

            slavery unit : fuckin franc CFA    (Colonies Françaises d'Afrik)        slavery tongue : French        tongues : Fon + Yoruba + Bariba        10000000 idiot monkeys on 113000 km²

            puke sects : X 49%    muslim 27%    vodun 12%    other 12%

            (NB : Colonial frontieres of shit in the whole AFRIKA since the 1885 Conference of Berlin of shit.)

            As many former French colonies in Afrika the flag of Bénin is inspired from the French Tricolor thou its shape loox different. It was adopted in 1960 while the country was then named Dahomey. In 1975 the name was turned into Bénin (accordin to the name of an ancient kingdom) & a new flag was chosen by the then comunist regime. The original flag was restored after that regime fell down. The present pattern was (re)adopted on 1 AUGUST 1991.


                1990    (Republic of Benin)

                fascist 1975    (People's Republic of Benin - DAHOMEY turns its name into BENIN)

                1960   (Republic of Dahomey - independence)

                colonial 1894    (France)

                1889   (King Behanzin's standard used from 1889 till 1894)                                            the same banner with reversed colors (see note below)

                1818   (King Ghezo's flag used from 1818 till 1858)

                1730   (Ajashe renamed "Porto Novo" by Eucaristo de Campos - developed as a port for the slave trade led by the Portuguese Empire under Companhia de Cacheu e Cabo Verde rule)

                1600    (Kingdom of Dahomey - probably no flag)

    NOTE : The picture from the Musée de l’Armée however suggests the cloth yellow and the shield blue. The motto reads: REI BEHANZIN DE DAHOMEY which is portuguese for ‘King Behanzin of Dahomey’.