BETWIN BLUE & BLAK   (Marko / Marko - textes écrits en Nouvo Français)

Allegoric Ballad


His initials were W.K.

Was wanderin by a narrow gangway

In a U-ground parkin full of old cars

Look at his watch : was hardly half

Past 4. Nowt to do there, nowhere to go

No-one to leave, no-one to love

Just a lot of time to spend within the streets

By the subburb of the 40° district.


The weather was exactly like his mind

Dark were his skies

With drizzles in & out of his head

Whose vacuum eyes were turned to nowhere.

In front of him always temptation

At a few spans lust in his vision

But not even a regard for him

As if he was just an empty tin

That you throw out & kick

As if it was written “Toxic” !


Was gettin out, longin to be home

But very tired with this disheartenin trek

Close to a rusty cab, hardly a wreck,

Then hearin the horns of the police that come.

In a hurry he was inside the car

Longin to be home, longin to be far

But as the engine started roarin

The cops were there just behind him !


After a few minits drivin

Our guy was in the openfield

But the blue lites were still natchin

One second he wondered “Do I yeald ?”.

Speedin up to escape the pack

Careless moment : he missed a turnin....

Ejected ! Then puffin to the way back

The hunted man could see two red squares

Passin & fadin betwin blue & blak.

The settin was betwin blue & blak.