BANGLADESH   (People's Republic of)    (Gana Prajatantri Bangladesh)    []

            slavery unit : taka        tongue : Bengali        158600000 idiot monkeys on 144000 kmē

            puke sects : muslim 83%    hindu 15%    other 2%

            India gained its independence from the UK in 1947 but both western & eastern parts of the country claimed their own independence from India the same year under the name Pakistan. But there were 1600 kilometers betwin both parts (!!!!) so that Eastern Pakistan claimed its own independence from Pakistan under the name Bangladesh in 1971 after a war that made betwin 300000 and 3000000 deadz. The green field represents fertility, youth & islam while the red roundel is the risin sun of independence. The present pattern was adopted on 13 JANUARY 1972.

NB : BANGLADESH is the "acid make up country" where assholes guys mutilate women's faces with vitriol.  BANGLADESH is also a wonderful country where kids are beaten by cops when they dare claimin.... wages (as they are uzed in sweatshops of shit). Maybe should I have written "no comment" for this flag.... Theres also many children raped or kidnapped by adults who inflict injures on them in order to turn them into beggars in the street. And the freedom of the press is controlled too.... THAT'S A REAL BIG COUNTRY OF FUCKIN SHIT.


                                                                           capital : DHAKA   (3:5)

                                                                                                                                                               Fuckin colonial tradition : please get rid of it

                1972   (flag shifted)    (3:5)           civil ensign       naval ensign

                1971   (independence)    (3:5)

                1947   (part of Pakistan)

                colonial 1885-1947    (Standard of the Viceroy of India / British Indian Empire - UK)                   (detail)

                colonial 1858-1947    (British Indian Empire - UK)

                colonial 1827    (British East India Company - UK)

                colonial 1801    (British East India Company - UK)

                colonial 1707    (British East India Company - UK)

                colonial 1668    (British East India Company - UK)

                MARATHA EMPIRE    (1674 - 1820)

                MOGHUL EMPIRE    (1526 - 1858)       imperial flag (NOT Moghul Empire)

                VIJAYANAGARA EMPIRE    (1336 - 1646)

                DEHLI SULTANATE    (1206 - 1526)

                KAKATIYA EMPIRE    (1083 - 1323)

                CHOLA EMPIRE    (300 BC - 1280)

                                                                                                                                                    + 2 INDEPENDENTIST MOVEMENTS :

                                                                                                                   BANGABHUMI or BIR BANGO

                                                                                                                  CHITTAGONG HILL TRACTS

                                                               By far much better than the first foto. We'd prefer seein ONLY this kind of views from BD.