BOSNIA    (EUFOR Colony of Bosnia)    (Bosna I Herzegovina)    []

            slavery unit : convertible mark        3531000 idiot monkeys on 51129 km²

            puke sects : muslim 51%    X 46%    pagan + other 3%

            One & only tongue before they got mad : Srpski-Hrvatski. And now 3 so called "diferent" tongues after the war : Bosanski, Hrvatski, Srpski. Just anythingski.

           Because of the 1998 Winter Olympic Games of Nagano, Japan and as the three so called antagonist peoples of Bosnia could not come to any agreement in order to parade together along under the same flag, the then so called UNO "high representative" of my ass Carlos Westendorp decided to hold a competition. After a few weex the present flag was finally chosen as the new one and displayed at Nagano, Japan. Both blue field & stars remind the EU flag while the yello triangle depicts the shape of Bosnia itself. The fact that it's a "neutral" (actualy not neutral but EU) flag is done on purpose, each people usin their own so called "national" symbols. The present pattern was adopted on 4 FEBRUARY 1998.

            (Thou it was a comunist country of shit I must say I regret Yugoslavia.... I M a Yugostalgic Frenchie !)

     NB : Unlike Jos POELS (from the shit site SHIT FOTW) may say, there is absolutely NO so called "1:2 tradition" in the Balkans except in Croatia since 1848.


                                                                                capital : BOSNAVAR    [comunist ratio of shit]

                colonial 2012   (Exactly like in July 1878 Bosnia is de facto an Austrian colony with both Valentin INZKO + Dieter HEIDECKER)

                BOSNIA    [colonized by EUFOR since 2004]    EUFOR : just freezin a shit situation... "bravo" EUFOR !

                1998    (new flag)    (comunist ratio of shit)

                1992    (independence)    (comunist ratio of shit)

                fascist 1946    (Yugoslavia)           SOCIALIST FEDERAL REPUBLIC of YUGOSLAVIA (1946-1992)

                1943   (Bosnian Partisans)    (comunist ratio of shit)

                fascist 1941    (Croatia)

                December 1918   (Yugoslavia)    [no "1:2 tradition"]

                July 1918   (Yugoslavia - never adopted propozal)    [no so called "1:2 tradition" !]

                +        +        colonial 1908   (annexed by Austria-Hungary)   (flags : Austria + Bosnia + Herzegovina)

                +        July 1878   (administrated by Austria-Hungary)   (flags : Austria Landesfarben flag from 1804 + Bosnia-Herzegovina)

                May 1878    (independence)    [no "1:2 tradition"]

                colonial 1844

                colonial 1793

                colonial 1517

                colonial 1500

                colonial 1463   (Ottoman Empire)    [no so called "1:2 tradition"]

                1377    (Kingdom of Bosnia - independence)    (banner of arms of King Tvrtko 1)

                1138    (Banate of Bosnia - vassal of Hungary)

                1042    (Croatia)    [no so called "1:2 tradition" of my ass !!!!]

                1018   (Byzantine Empire)

                colonial 991    (Bulgaria)    (source = WikiMERDIA in Historical flags of Bulgaria - very highly dubious & putative banner - probably no flag)

                948    (Serbia)

                553    (Byzantine Empire)        Basileus Basileon Basileuon Basileusin = king of kings, ruling over kings

                455    (Ostrogoth conquest)    (maybe blue insted of purple - putative flag anyway)

                9    (Roman Empire)

                                                                                                        BOSNIA is divided into 3 territories :

                FEDERATION    (comunist flag ratio of shit)                                                         

                REPUBLIKA SRPSKA    (comunist flag ratio of shit)                                       

                BRČKO DISTRICT    (comunist flag ratio of shit)                                                   


            The Federation is divided in 10 CANTONS (most flagz with a comunist ratio of shit) & the Republika Srpska is divided in 7 REGIONS (but theres NO flag for the 7 REGIONS of the Republika Srpska, hélas !) :

            BOSNA PODRINJE                                                                                                           BOSNAVAR    (3:5)

            CENTRAL BOSNIA                                                                                                            HERZEGOVINA NERETVA    (3:5)

            LIVNO                                                                                                                                  LIVNO    MARKO's project

            POSAVINA                                                                                                                          TUZLA

            WEST HERZEGOVINA                                                                                                     WEST HERZEGOVINA    MARKO's project

            UNA SANA                                                                                                                          ZENICA DOBOJ

                                                                                                           13 BONUS FLAGZ + 6 BONUS EMBLEMS :

            Bosniaks (or muslims of BOSNIA)                                                                                                  Bosniaks (or muslims of BOSNIA) alternate

            Croats of BOSNIA (they uze a very weird & unseemly flag !!!!)                                                  MARKO's project !!!!

            BANJA LUKA    (comunist flag ratio of shit AND AWFUL DISGUSTIN DESIGN OF SHIT) BANJA LUKA    (MARKO's project after its coat of arms)

            Project for a much better logo of BANJA LUKA city than the AWFUL DISGUSTIN DESIGN OF SHIT on the flag. The only good stuf on the present shit logo is the OTSILO !!!!

            MOSTAR    (comunist flag ratio of shit AND AWFUL DISGUSTIN DESIGN OF SHIT)         Office of the Gauleiter of Bosnia

                EAST BOSNAVAR (yards habited by Serbs)EAST BOSNAVAR coat of arms / ISTOČNO SARAJEVO grb

                                                                Medieval coin in uze under King Tvrtko 1 (1377 - 1391).
            MARKO's project for BOSNIA as the lily flower is the historical medieval traditional emblem of THE WHOLE Bosnia.

            FEDERATION    (MARKO's project)                                                                                MARKO's project for BRČKO DISTRICT (blue = Serbs / green = Bosniaks / red = Croats)            BRČKO (former ?) municipal shield

            Serbs of BOSNIA with the "OTSILO" emblem                                                                REPUBLIKA SRPSKA    (MARKO 's project)

                REPUBLIKA SRPSKA realy VERY UGLY seal & MARKO's project for a new seal

MARKO's project for a Srpska BEAUTIFUL real coat of arms INSTED OF the VERY UGLY present seal.

                                                                             I dezigned my project after this beautiful image. My project is UNBRAIDED as the braided loox 100% Croat !!!!

            Ethnic map (found on :


       MARKO's suggestion : Socijalisticka Federativna Republika Bosna very inspired from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

            Notice my aim is to create 3 compact & coherent zones insted of the prezent silly idiot unseemly administrative creazy inner cutting.

          3 colonized zones map                                                                               Valentin INZKO since 2009 + Dieter HEIDECKER since 2012 (both Austrians REAL Gauleiters von BOSNA)

                                                BOSNAVAR TWIST TOWER by Faruk KAPIDZIC.... a quite funny "lighthouse" !!!!

                                                                I just NEVER saw such a silly idiot unseemly administrative inner cutting like this silly idiot unseemly border betwin the Federation and the Republika Srpska.